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1883's Faith Hill Admits This Is Her Favorite Yellowstone Character

"Yellowstone" has proven to be a juggernaut for the Paramount Network, with the modern-day Western series breaking all sorts of records for the cable channel and spawning the first of many prequels and sequels with the equally popular "1883" origin story that aired on Paramount+.

Starring Kevin Costner as Montana rancher John Dutton, "Yellowstone" revolves around family drama and conflicts that arise from their land bordering a reservation, a national park, and predatory land developers. With Kelly Reilly as bad-girl Beth, Luke Grimes as emotionally complex brother Kayce, and Wes Bentley as black sheep Jamie, the series is rife with fan favorites and characters viewers love to hate.

Even those within creator Taylor Sheridan's universe have their own personal picks for which "Yellowstone" character is the best — and that includes Faith Hill, who portrays John Dutton's great-grandmother, Margaret, on "1883." She revealed her favorite "Yellowstone" character during a recent roundtable interview that included Looper at the U.K. launch of Paramount+.

Hill thinks Kelly Reilly plays Beth 'brilliantly'

While Kevin Costner stands out as the certified star power on "Yellowstone," with both an Emmy and Oscar to his name and some 40 years of high-profile acting credits under his belt, it's actually another actor's character who's often chosen as the favorite — and Faith Hill joins a long list of co-stars and viewers who can't wait for this particular personality to show up on screen.

"Beth," Hill said without hesitation when asked who her favorite "Yellowstone" character is. "Kelly Reilly is extraordinary. The writing for her as a strong female character is amazing, and she plays it so brilliantly. She's fantastic — definitely my favorite character."

As John Dutton's devoted daughter, Beth is a loose cannon who says and does whatever she wants: She drinks men under the table, swears like a sailor, and passionately protects her father's land. Perhaps Hill used her as a blueprint for playing Margaret Dutton on Season 1 of "1883," an equally headstrong woman in an age when that was often frowned upon.

"I embraced Margaret. I lived her; I was Margaret," said Hill. "I was sad to leave her, so she stayed with me for a while."

Paramount+ is now available in the United Kingdom, where you can watch all available episodes of "Yellowstone" and "1883."