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The Robot That Futurama Fans Enjoy The Most Is Not Who You Think

When we think of the future, a lot of us likely imagine that one way or another, robots will be involved. So many works of fiction depict this, including the adult animated sci-fi comedy sitcom "Futurama," that it can feel almost inevitable. 

"Futurama," which revolves around the misadventures of a space delivery crew in the 31st century, sees humanity living alongside a plethora of robots who perform various functions and exude some wild personalities. From the twitchy, unpredictable Roberto to the over-indulgent Hedonismbot to the bloodthirsty and evil Robot Santa Claus, there's no shortage of unique technological characters that leave an impact on both the world of the show and its viewers.

When it comes to fan-favorite robots, however, it's hard to beat Bender Bending Rodriguez. One of the show's main protagonists alongside Fry and Leela, Bender's foul-mouthed personality and barrage of quotable lines have made him many "Futurama" fans' favorite character. However, some fans have found another mechanical marvel from the show to attach themselves to.

The short but memorable moment that πkea Robot had to shine

In one of the first scenes of the Season 5 episode "Less Than Hero," Professor Farnsworth enters the common area to tell everyone some "good news" — a super collider he ordered from πkea has finally arrived. Bringing in the box is a square robot named the πkea Robot. He tells the gang to enjoy their "affordable Swedish crap" before leaving as pieces fall off his torso.

While only in the episode for a few seconds, fans have come to appreciate the character's funny Swedish accent (provided by Maurice LaMarche) and his comedic commentary. A subreddit started by u/motorcyclejoe  says that πkea Robot is a favorite of theirs. Many responded with his hilarious quote, while u/Yusi-D-Jordan brings up the character's amusing Swedish accent. They also comment, "As someone born and raised in Denmark, I'm part of our 'friendly' rivalry with Sweden. So needless to say, this joke worked extra well."  Redditor u/motorcyclejoe came back at another point to mention how they wish the character had more cameos throughout the series. 

On the YouTube clip of the scene, fans were equally tickled by the memorable moment. Rob Ducharme and Meursault both comment on what a great comedic touch it was to add the shelf coming apart as the robot exits the scene. Tails Prower goes even further by saying, "It took someone 4 hours of work to put that robot together for one delivery." Regardless of how long it took to put πkea Robot together (or how quick it took for him to fall apart), the joy fans get out of this character will thankfully never break down.