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The Most Evil Futurama Character According To Fans

While Futurama was originally canceled 17 years ago, fans still adore the futuristic animated series for its unique brand of sci-fi comedy. After all, its weird world offered an entertaining cast of characters, including the detached heads of 20th century celebrities, lobster people, and the Robot Devil. With a parade of morally dubious characters from which to choose, fans of Futurama have determined that "the world's most huggable industrialist," aka Mom, is also the most evil character on the show. As one of the richest people on Earth and owner of Mom's Friendly Robot Company, she's a greedy megalomaniac who starts robot rebellions when she's feeling bitter.

Although the main crew themselves certainly did terrible things, they were not inherently evil compared to their antagonists. On the Futurama subreddit, Reddit user u/diamondpugreddit posited the question of the most evil character. In the poll, the choices offered were Mom, news anchor Morbo the Annihilator, Nixon's preserved head, or Robot Santa Claus. Mom swept the competition, winning a majority of the votes.

As the founder of MomCorp, Mom is a robot tycoon. Most robots on Earth were made by her company, giving her an immense amount of power to, for example, corner the market on robot oil. She publicly puts on a sweet, old, grandma-like facade in the form of a fatsuit, tricking everyone into believing she's a kind lady with the public's best interests at heart. It works so well that Bender even buys presents for her on Mother's Day, as opposed to stealing them. But when we're shown behind the scenes, Mom crushes up the presents into dust and passes it off as a fake cancer cure. Yeah, no wonder she got the "Most Evil" crown.

Fans debated Mom's greediness over others' capacity for chaos

With Mom on top of the poll, reptilian alien and news anchor Morbo got the fewest votes, while Nixon and Robot Santa Claus nearly tied for second. Fans took to the comments to defend their choices and add who they thought should have been in the poll. User u/Burrmiester actually favored Nixon as the evilest choice: "End of the day Mom just wants all the money. But Nixon, Nixon will come into your home at night and wreck up the place. He would also steal candy from a baby, while he does clarify he wouldn't harm the child."

User u/dihedral3 agreed that it was Mom, but offered another option as well: "Definitely mom, however, her evil actions usually lead to interesting less evil conclusions. When she caused the robots to rebel, her and Farnsworth rekindled a romance. When she robbed fry of his fortune, she stopped him from being a miserable wreck stuck in the past. I actually might think it's Branigan. He's so god d*** stupid, he's a danger to everyone around him without even knowing it."

Even though Robot Santa Claus has the street cred of getting an episode banned from Futurama's 7 PM time slot for being too inappropriate, he still didn't get enough votes to win "most evil." User u/nucleargandhi3000 argued that while Robot Santa Claus may be trying to kill everyone he deems naughty (which is basically everyone), that's all down to his faulty programming, which doesn't make him evil. Mom's schtick may be over the top, but her brand of corporate evil is unfortunately familiar and is certainly more chilling than simply a robot trying to kill people.