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Bryce Dallas Howard Weighs In On Her Infamous Jurassic World Heels

Sometimes it can be quite entertaining to playfully nitpick certain parts of a film, even if it's something that isn't worth dissecting at the end of the day. From whether Han or Greedo shoots first in "Star Wars" to Godzilla laughing at Kong in "Godzilla vs. Kong," movie fans always seem to have something to say about even the most minuscule details of their favorite films. Sure, it's not always necessary, but it can be a lot of fun to interact with fellow fans and dig deeper behind the creative decisions that go into making movies.

Another such talking point is a certain detail in 2015's "Jurassic World," the first film of the "Jurassic World" trilogy, which acts as a follow-up to the "Jurassic Park" trilogy. The film sees a new, more modern theme park open up for the public to interact with dinosaurs, with predictably messy results coming out of it.

Throughout the film's many action scenes, Claire Dearing, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, is wearing high heels while running away from dinosaurs, including the one in which she uses a flare to get the park's T. rex to fight the film's main dino antagonist, the Indominus rex. Since the film's release, fans have often ridiculed Claire's ability to run in heels throughout the film. Well, we know why she did, according to Howard herself.

The heels mean something deeper for Claire's journey

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of the release of the second film in the trilogy, "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom," Bryce Dallas Howard admitted that she was surprised by how vocal fans were. Neither she nor those working on the first "Jurassic World" were ready for the amount of noise made regarding the shoes she wears.

Howard, who shared on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" that she even trained to run in heels for the film, made it clear that Claire's choice of footwear was intentional. "The takeaway from 'Jurassic World' is not, at all times, be ready to run from a dinosaur," she said in an interview with Hello Giggles. "The takeaway is that she could outrun a T-Rex in high heels, how badass is she? And so of course she's going to wear heels to the office ... I felt really self[-]righteous about [wearing heels], that's what it was."

Even director Colin Trevorrow, who made it known on Twitter that the sequel would have her in more appropriate running shoes, tried to change her mind about the decision but understood what it meant for Howard's shaping of the character. "She insisted on wearing those heels," he said in an interview with Gizmodo. "They meant something to her personally. ... those heels were her shield in a certain way as a woman. That's just how she felt. She felt like surrendering the heels felt like surrendering the femininity of the character."

It's hard to deny that seeing such a sight would be rather jarring at first glance, but understanding the intent behind the decision offers a unique perspective that you can't help but appreciate.