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Sana Amanat Reveals The Young Avengers Team-Up She Wants To See Kamala Khan Take Part In - Exclusive

When franchises are looking to spice up a comic book film or TV show adaptation, they need to look no further than including the original creators. There's no better way to honor source material than seeking the input from those who brought a character or series to life to add a dash of authenticity to the new project. That's precisely what the MCU did for "Ms. Marvel," and it shows. The series enlisted "Ms. Marvel" comic co-creator Sana Amanat as a producer for the show, which is no doubt one of the major reasons the show feels so connected to the comics, even with some of the changes in Kamala Khan's (Iman Vellani) powers

Of course, the MCU just introduced Xochitl Gomez as America Chavez in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," and the fans aren't the only ones itching for a Young Avengers team-up. Sana Amanat spoke to Looper during an exclusive interview where she revealed the Young Avengers team-up that she wants to see. She also spoke about the one scene from the comics that she wasn't able to sneak into "Ms. Marvel" despite her efforts. 

Could we see The Young Avengers in the MCU?

Sana Amanat thinks that America and Kamala could team up at some point in the MCU, and she shared what she'd most like to see come from that dynamic. "To me, that's the beginning of a Young Avenger story of seeing America and Kamala together," she said. "It'd be super fun and funny, and I could see them as probably best friends, being really buddy-buddy. It is funny because Xochitl and Iman are actually friends in real life. That's been lovely to see. They just met each other. It's wild how life imitates art sometimes and vice versa."

Of course, like every comic book to movie adaptation, there are scenes that Amanat wishes had ended up in the final product of the show. Sometimes filming and timing just don't work out — especially with MCU actors like Vellani who have upcoming projects they're lending their talents to.

"You know what the biggest regret of mine is? That we did not have the first panel of Kamala in Issue 1 where she's smelling bacon, and she says, 'I just want to smell it.' We were supposed to film it. We didn't get enough time — biggest regret of my life," Amanat explained. "Then, in reshoots, we weren't able to rebuild the Circle Q to do it. It's sad for me because I really wanted to get that line." Here's hoping that Amanat gets her wish in a future Kamala Khan project.

New episodes of "Ms. Marvel" air Wednesdays on Disney+.