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Deadpool 3 Writers Plan To Take Aim At A Very Easy Marvel Target

After Disney acquired Fox in 2020, fans of the "Deadpool" movie series including Deadpool's creator himself began worrying that Disney might tone down the R-rated content that defined its first two entries. Fortunately for those dreading such a change, its screenplay's writing duo confirmed in June that "Deadpool 3" will likely be rated R. In fact, one of its two writers characterized Disney as entirely supportive of the film's titular character retaining his signature edge.

Also notable is the fact that, unlike the first two "Deadpool" movies, "Deadpool 3" will fit canonically into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In response to this development, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick shared their enthusiasm about introducing an agent of chaos into the MCU in their upcoming franchise entry. In fact, beyond the MCU simply providing Deadpool a much larger context in which to exist, Wernick also told Den of Geek that it will give its wisecracking protagonist plenty of new material.

Furthermore, the duo behind the "Deadpool 3" script recently confirmed, tongue at least partially in cheek, that the film will join in on ridiculing one of present day pop culture's biggest punching bags.

Deadpool could include material about cinema's favorite living vampire

BroBible's Post-Credit Podcast recently interviewed writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick about "Deadpool 3," providing fans with a tentative look at the project despite being in a relatively early stage of production. At one point during their conversation, host Eric Italiano broached a subject that has generated plenty of discussion among pop culture heads in recent months: Sony and Marvel's superhero blockbuster flop "Morbius."

As summarized in a tweet and contained in its entirety in a video shared by the Post-Credit Podcast's Twitter account, Italiano asked first for the "Deadpool 3" writers' thoughts on "Morbius" memes, and then more directly whether or not their script might take aim at "Morbius." Reese and Wernick both replied that they hadn't seen "Morbius" at the time of the podcast's recording, nor were they familiar with the abundant ironic memes about the film.

After Italiano briefly explained the time "Morbius" spent in the spotlight and suggested incorporating a "Morbius" joke into "Deadpool 3," however, Rheese affirmed that the movie is now on their pop-cultural radar, and could find its way into their script.

While this is far from official confirmation of a Morbin Time joke in "Deadpool 3," the "Morbius" meme phenomenon is more or less unprecedented in superhero movie history, making Reese's vocal interest in incorporating it into the next "Deadpool" movie carry at least some weight