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Where Is The Cast Of Victorious Now?

Kids who grew up watching Nickelodeon throughout the 2000s and 2010s were aware of the channel's rich collection of hit sitcoms. There was something for everyone, whether your jam was "Drake & Josh," "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide," or "iCarly." One of these beloved shows was "Victorious." Airing between 2010 and 2013, the show followed high schooler Tori Vega (Victoria Justice), who attends the performing arts high school Hollywood Arts. While trying to make her dreams as a singer come to fruition, she gains a bevy of similarly talented yet quirky friends who accompany her on various misadventures. While not as big a phenomenon as its sister show "iCarly," "Victorious" was certainly no slouch in ratings, with the series premiere boasting an impressive 5.7 million viewers. It ran for four seasons with 57 episodes alongside numerous specials. The series also nabbed numerous Kids Choice Awards during its run, as well as four Primetime Emmy nominations (via IMDb).

As one could imagine, it would take a stellar cast to step up and throw themselves into this show's zany world, and fans got that and then some. The cast of "Victorious" may have just been its greatest asset, because let's be real — no one came to "Victorious" for any groundbreaking storytelling. Rather, its pool of talented performers is what truly shaped the show into what it is. But with so many years having passed since the series' end, it raises the question: Where is the cast of "Victorious" nowadays?

Victoria Justice is shedding her Nickelodeon image

With her supreme singing talents and bubbly personality, Victoria Justice took charge as Tori Vega in "Victorious." Despite having her faulty moments, Tori is largely nice and supportive to her close group of friends, all while being determined to follow her dreams as a singer.  Following the cancellation of "Victorious" in 2013, Justice continued to pursue both acting and her own music career. She released her first single, "Gold," in February 2013. The song was not as successful as the music she helped create for "Victorious," however, and she cut ties with Columbia Records shortly afterward. Only in more recent years has she gotten back into creating music, with three additional singles throughout 2020 and 2021 (via Billboard). She remains more prolific in acting, taking on more daring roles that have broken her out of her teen idol days (via Collider). Some of the projects she's been a part of include "The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again," "Trust," and "Afterlife of the Party" (via IMDb).  

Over the years, rumors of a feud between Justice and "Victorious" co-star Ariana Grande surfaced. When appearing on an episode of "Chicks in the Office," Justice was quick to correct those assumptions. "All of that drama, it's just so silly," she says. "A lot of it really came from the media, fanning those flames. ... I love Ariana, she's killing it right now, and she's been so supportive of me and my music. ... It is a little frustrating how people like to pit women against each other, but at the end of the day, I think it's all about us supporting each other and building each other up." 

Leon Thomas III hit it big on the music scene

The New York-born Leon Thomas III was cast in "Victorious" as Andre Harris, a close friend of Tori's and an immensely talented musician who can sing and play a plethora of instruments. And that love for the music didn't stop when "Victorious" closed its curtains. Although Thomas still regularly takes on roles, since the show, his focus has moved away from acting and shifted to producing and creating music. He has been doing this by himself and in collaboration with other artists with his production company, The Rascals. Even while "Victorious" was airing, he signed a deal with Columbia Records. In 2012, Leon released his first mixtape entitled "Metro Hearts," and in 2013, aided in the single "Hello How Are You" featuring Wiz Khalifa (via Distractify). 

He was able to do this under the tutelage of music producer Babyface, who opened doors for Leon that led to a rather fruitful career (via Vibe). He has co-written and produced songs for fellow "Victorious" alum Ariana Grande, as well as collaborated with various other artists, including Tony Braxton, Drake, and Post Malone. He went on to earn a nomination for best rap song from the Grammys in 2019 for his involvement in Rick Ross and Drake's "Gold Roses" (via Complex). In May 2022, Leon released his first single, "X-Rated," featuring Benny the Butcher, to great fanfare on YouTube.

Matt Bennett has had a varied career

In "Victorious," Matt Bennett plays Robbie, a socially awkward individual known for carrying around (and getting insulted by) the loudmouth puppet, Rex. Since the show's end, Bennett has featured in a wide array of other projects. 2015 was a particularly prolific year for the actor, as he appeared in the films "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl," "Manson Family Vacation," and "The Stanford Prison Experiment." But his acting primarily stayed on the small screen, including features in episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" and the Netflix series "American Vandal" (via IMDb). 

Bennett has stayed close with Ariana Grande, featuring in some of her music videos, such as "One Last Time" (via ET). He also dipped his toes into the music scene with the creation of his debut 2016 album, "Terminal Cases." Bennett also used this project as a way to tackle his own conflicting thoughts. "I went from having a steady, awesome job to ... being another out-of-work actor in Los Angeles," he says in an interview on the "Zach Sang Show." "And my parents split up, and I was far away, they were in New York, and I was here ... it was a very real thing, and I was having all these conflicting feelings." An avid fan of the works of Robin Williams since childhood, Bennett noticed the recurring themes within Williams' body of work and blended these ideas with his own parent's divorce to create something unique and personal (via Northern Transmissions). In the summer of 2022, Bennett went on tour across the United States for an event called iParty, where Bennett DJs several Disney Channel and Nickelodeon hit songs.  

Fan-favorite Elizabeth Gillies has a no-nonsense career

Fan-favorite character Jade West is Tori's goth frenemy, often insulting and getting jealous of Tori but still tagging along with her and the gang on their escapades. Elizabeth Gillies continued to perform after the series ended, lending her voice to shows such as "Winx Club," "American Dad," and "Penguins of Madagascar" and providing the voice of Catwoman in the 2022 animated film "Catwoman: Hunted." She found parts in live-action shows and films, including "Vacation," "Killing Daddy," and "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll." She's also dabbled into the music scene, with a number of promotional singles and music video appearances under her belt.  

Her most prominent and ongoing role since "Victorious" has been that of Fallon Carrington in the reboot of "Dynasty" (via Observer). Not only has she been starring in the drama series since 2017, but her ambitions also gave her the opportunity to direct Season 4, Episode 18 of "Dynasty" in 2021. "Directing's very exciting, and I hope to do a movie here and there," she says in an interview with Fashion Week Daily. "You know, just keeping busy, doing whatever I can. I've been lucky to be very busy over this past year, and I don't intend to stop filling my schedule to the brim." She made a surprise appearance at the previously mentioned iParty event alongside Matt Bennett when the show came to Atlanta, Georgia, performing the "Victorious" song, "Take a Hint."

Ariana Grande became a superstar, to say the least

Ariana Grande plays the adorably naive Cat Valentine. While starting off relatively grounded, Cat's nonsensical, silly personality reached ever more absurd levels of child-like simplicity as the show progressed. While "Victorious" may have initially been meant to launch Victoria Justice into the public eye, it was ultimately Ariana Grande who left the biggest impact post-"Victorious." Not a bad fate for comic relief, huh? 

Although Grande continued to find roles following "Victorious" — including the spin-off "Sam and Cat" alongside Jennette McCurdy from "iCarly" and more recently in Adam McKay's Oscar-nominated 2021 satire "Don't Look Up" — her music career became the stuff of legend. Her first album, 2013's "Yours Truly," skyrocketed to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200, with nearly 140,000 copies sold within its first week alone (via Rap-Up). Since then, Grande has no shown any signs of slowing down. With her endless array of hit songs, albums, and music videos, Grande has broken record after record. She remains amongst the world's best-selling artists, being the most streamed female artist on Spotify, the most subscribed female artist on YouTube, the first Billboard artist to have five singles go to No. 1, and too many others to list (via Guinness World Records). What's best is that she has used her music to celebrate, empower, and benefit marginalized groups, including women, African Americans, and the LGBTQ+ community, making her success all the more deserving. 

Avan Jogia is ready to take a big step in his career

Avan Jogia's Beck is Jade's cool and calm boyfriend, perfectly contrasting his partner's fiery nature. Since the show, Jogia has become a bustling talent, both in front of and behind the camera. Even while on "Victorious," Jogia was starring in various projects and testing out his abilities as a director. In 2011, he took his first step into the latter realm by directing and starring in the short film "Alex." 

Since "Victorious," he continues to find consistent lead roles on shows such as "Tut," "Ghost Wars," and "Now Apocalypse." However, his career has mainly moved toward feature films over the last few years, and some of his more recent movie acting roles include 2019's "Shaft" and "Zombieland: Double Tap." Jogia has continued to direct through the years and will be making his feature directorial debut with the film "Door Mouse." Starring Hayley Law ("Riverdale") and Keith Powers ("The Tomorrow War"). Jogia intends for the film to take a more fantastical approach to its storytelling, as he tells Sharp Magazine: "I just didn't see a lot of movies being made that wanted to make life more exaggerated. ... What I love about movies is that they're fantastical, and I think that's what movies are for — so I wanted to write movies that I liked." Jogia also helped develop the online non-profit organization Straight But Not Narrow, which looks to bring positive perceptions to the LGBTQ+ community (via Seventeen). The organization has not been active in the last few years, and its Facebook has not been updated since 2016. 

Daniella Monet continued to work with Nickelodeon

Tori's older sister, Trina Vega, is a boastful, obnoxious individual whose immense lack of talent makes for a comedic contrast. Thankfully, Daniella Monet, who played Trina on the show, is far from that image. After "Victorious," Monet continued to be involved with Nickelodeon on various projects. Notably, she portrayed the live-action version of Tootsie in the three live-action television "Fairly OddParents" movies alongside Drake Bell. Monet also starred as Bertha in "Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred," "Fred 3: Camp Fred," and "Fred: The Show," replacing Jennette McCurdy from the first "Fred" movie in 2010. She also hosted other Nick shows, including "Awesomeness TV" and "Paradise Run." 

Outside of these and some other roles — including co-starring alongside several other "Victorious" alum in Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" music video — Monet has become known for her entrepreneurial ventures in recent years. An avid vegan and animal lover, she has actively been investing in environmentally-ethical businesses. "I wanted to put my money to work in the best way I knew how which was promoting a vegan lifestyle," Monet says in an interview with ChooseVeg. "And helping people find plant-based options that are more accessible." Her ventures have included her own cruelty-free diaper line, Sprouted, and her own LA-based vegan taqueria, Sugar Tacos.