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Superman & Lois Fans Have Some Pretty Strong Feelings About Jordan

The CW's "Superman & Lois" series continues to resonate with fans of the iconic DC Comics characters (via Rotten Tomatoes). Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch are now among a handful of actors and actresses who have taken on the live-action roles of Clark Kent (aka Superman) and Lois Lane. Although he may not have the same level of name recognition as Christopher Reeve or Henry Cavill, some fans have gone out of their way to make their thought about Hoechlin's Man of Steel very clear. Put simply, many fans absolutely love this iteration of the character, with many praising the actor's ability to balance aspects of Clark's personality and his persona as Metropolis' hero (via Reddit). 

Aside from Lois and Clark, "Superman & Lois" also features the couple's two sons, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan (Alex Garfin). Although in the current DC Comics canon, Jon Kent is the only biological child of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, "Superman & Lois" has opted for a different route, providing a new and interesting dynamic for fans. Jordan and Jonathan's relationship on the show is definitely a brotherhood with its fair share of conflicts. Like any pair of real-life siblings, each brother finds himself out of line from time to time. However, beginning in Season 2, many fans started having some pretty strong feelings about Jordan.

Some fans think Jordan didn't behave well after Sarah ended things

In a thread posted on the r/SupermanAndLois subreddit, some fans of "Superman & Lois” had quite a bit to say about the romantic relationship between Alex Garfin's Jordan Kent and Inde Navarrette's Sarah Cushing. To start things off, u/flordeliz_ initiated the conversation by detailing how uncomfortable they were with Jordan's behavior in the aftermath of Sarah and Jordan's breakup.

This user took considerable offense at Jordan's decision to continue to contact Sarah and profess his love for her after she makes it clear that she does not want to continue with him. Furthermore, this user even claimed this conduct could be deemed "almost stalkerish behavior," and, even more bluntly, wrote that Jordan should "grow some self-respect and move on with his life." 

Notably, some fans took the opposing position. For example, u/SilentEevee argued that Jordan's behavior wasn't reminiscent of a stalker by any means, noting specific conversations between the characters where Sarah admits to being open to the relationship continuing if Jordan "owns up to his actions." In fact, directly after the couple's breakup, Sarah even says, "Let's just talk about it tomorrow."

Others admitted they were simply confused as to why "Superman & Lois" chose to have Jordan and Sarah date in the first place. One comment from u/Legitimate_Grape_150 noted that the romance "really didn't add to the overall plot" anyway. Interestingly, Garfin has noted that Jordan will continue to experience big changes in maturity throughout the course of the show (via Entertainment Weekly), so it's likely "Superman & Lois" will feature more of Jordan's growing awareness and self-confidence.