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Chloe Fineman Reveals What Kate McKinnon's Final Day On SNL Was Like

Season 47 of "Saturday Night Live," NBC's weekly variety show that riffs on pop culture and politics, saw a batch of high-profile cast members say goodbye (via NPR). Among those who chose to leave was Kate McKinnon, a performer who spent ten seasons making goofs and impersonating everyone from Hillary Clinton to Justin Bieber. Like other "Saturday Night Live" celebrities who rose to notable acclaim during their comic tenure, McKinnon's time at Rockefeller Plaza has been dotted with external projects, such as the 2016's "Ghostbusters" and the 2022 Peacock series "Joe vs. Carole."

While it's not uncommon for "Saturday Night Live" talent to move on, especially if their fame has earned them enough credit to explore other opportunities in the industry, it can still be a difficult transition for those who are left behind. Chloe Fineman –- who recently made news with her spot-on impression of Elizabeth Olsen and multiple "SNL" cast members, including McKinnon (via The Nerdist) –- was approached to share her thoughts on McKinnon's final episode. Here's what the actress had to say.

Chloe Fineman recalled the final moments being bittersweet

As she revealed during a brief interview with People, Chloe Fineman experienced conflicting feelings during McKinnon's final "Saturday Night Live" episode. "It was crazy emotional," she said. "Like when Kate went off to space, everyone out there was crying, like a makeup artist, a crew member. So, that kind of set the tone of the show. It was just really bittersweet. I felt really lucky to be at that episode."

It's easy to become desensitized to these kinds of testimonials, as nearly every celebrity speaks in similar platitudes after a project ends or a costar departs. However, just because the notions conveyed are common doesn't negate what it could genuinely mean for those involved. While McKinnon's time on "Saturday Night Live" might be over, she's by no stretch of the imagination disappearing from the public eye. Expect to see the quick-fire comic actress in the upcoming "Barbie" film starring Margot Robbie, which will also feature Ryan Gosling's uncanny portrayal of Ken.