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The Violent Stunt In The Conners That Had Katey Sagal Totally Spooked

Even diehard fans of the small screen hit "Roseanne" were probably a bit surprised when ABC revived the series in 2018 after more than two decades off the air. They were likely just as surprised when, according to The New York Times, the network pulled the plug after they determined that a racially insensitive Twitter post from series co-creator and star Roseanne Barr was simply too offensive to walk back.

In an even more unexpected turn of events, the network also opted to bring back the entire cast of the canceled series who were not named Roseanne for a spin-off titled "The Conners." They did so, of course, with a few new faces in tow, including that of former "Sons of Anarchy" star Katey Sagal. The beloved television veteran began recurring on the show during Season 1 as Louise Goldufski, an old pal of and would-be suitor to the recently-widowed Dan Conner (John Goodman). In doing so, Sagal arguably became the breath of fresh air the series didn't realize it needed.

Louise is also a role Sagal reportedly fought to keep even as she booked acting jobs outside of "The Conners" (per TVLine). As it turns out, however, it hasn't exactly been entirely smooth sailing for Sagal on the set of the "Roseanne" spin-off. And it seems the actor had some serious misgivings about taking part in one particularly daunting stunt during production on the show's fourth season.

A wedding day shocker reportedly shook Sagal on the set of The Conners

Now, narrative ingenuity aside, "The Conners" is essentially a by-the-numbers sitcom that should front little more than low-key stunt work requiring no physical risk from its stars. But according to a report from Entertainment Tonight, one Season 4 stunt proved potentially perilous enough that Katey Sagal was indeed apprehensive about taking part in it.

Surprisingly, said stunt came in the episode which found John Goodman's Dan Conner and Sagal's Louise Goldufski tying the knot as a terrifying tornado rips through the fictional town of Lanford. Though the nuptials prevail, they do so as windows explode around Dan and Louise, and howling winds pervade the scene.

According to "The Conners" Executive Producer Dave Caplan, Sagal found out just minutes prior to shooting the scene that she and Goodman were expected to be on set as chaos unfolded around them. Caplan told ET, "It was definitely scary to Katey," whom he claims questioned the safety of the stunt before being assured it was safe. Caplan added, "It was a violent stunt. It was very loud and very powerful... but it enabled us to have some amazing reactions."

In spite of Sagal's initial apprehension, the scene was executed with no mishaps. In turn, fellow Executive Producer Bruce Helford went on to say he believes the authenticity more than made the moment. "It was really effective..." Helford explained. "I love the image of him [Goodman] holding her [Sagal]." Frankly, if you've seen the episode, you know it's hard to argue that point. Still, we hope Sagal has a less eventful time while filming "The Conners" Season 5.