Grant Gustin Had A Major Concern About The Flash Season 7

"The Flash" has consistently satisfied audiences and critics (via Rotten Tomatoes) since its initial release in 2014. For over eight seasons now, fans have witnessed Grant Gustin's Barry Allen encounter the chaos, responsibility, and tragedy that comes with being a hero, not to mention one that specifically taps into the Speed Force, and therefore, time itself. The fastest man alive has never been alone in this journey, as there has consistently been a team behind him that assists in his missions. Back in Season 1 when Barry was first discovering his powers, Team Flash consisted of three people in particular — Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes), and of course, Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh).

Even after discovering that the Wells they know is actually Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) in disguise, different versions of the character from the multiverse became essential to the team's missions in future seasons. At first, it was Earth-2's Wells, who also introduced fans to Jesse Quick (Violett Beane). Soon after, Team Flash needed to find many versions of Wells to assist them, resulting in the so-called Council of Wells. This group was initially led by the Earth 2 version of Wells, although it would be H.R. Wells of Earth-19 that would give his life to save Iris West (Candice Patton) during Season 3.

Before the premiere of Season 7 of "The Flash" back in February of 2021, the title, "All's Wells That Ends Wells," teased the return of the Council of Wells, which also caused a major concern for Grant Gustin.

Grant Gustin was nervous about portraying multiple personalities

According to recent statements from "The Flash" showrunner Eric Wallace, Grant Gustin was incredibly nervous about one particular scene in the Season 7 premiere that involved the various versions of Dr. Harrison Wells (via TVLine). In the episode, while Team Flash is trying to kick-start the Artificial Speed Force, an explosion of particles drawn from Tom Cavanagh's Nash Wells transfers what is essentially the essence of all versions of Wells into the body of Gustin's Barry. This means Gustin has to portray his character by acting like the many versions of the Council of Wells. Wallace explained that "The Flash" star was nervous about mimicking Cavanagh's various performances as all the versions of Wells.

Wallace said Grant was most concerned about speaking French, as Harrison Sherloque Wells has a French accent. Although, Wallace would note that he encouraged Gustin anyway, confident in his talent as an actor and his commitment. Gustin would eventually give in and perform what fans see during "All's Wells That Ends Wells." Wallace even said that Gustin's performance portraying these versions of Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells was one of his "favorite scenes in the history of the series." Either way, it makes sense that Gustin might be able to portray Cavanagh's characters so well, as the two notably have a close relationship off-screen, even making a short film together with 2018's "Tom and Grant" (via Steve TV Show).