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The Speedforce Theory From The Flash That Has Fans Scratching Their Heads

The ending of Season 7 of the CW's "The Flash" brought to light many questions (let's not talk about the cringe lightsaber fight) about the fate of the cosmic entity, the Speed Force, that oddly took the human form of Barry Allen's mother, Nora Allen. It's certainly strange that all of a sudden the Speed Force wanted to inhabit the body of Nora and is now concerned about Barry. Furthermore, the Speed Force's personality is different than it had been in the entire course of the show since she is now a living entity. Wait, what?

To recap, the Speed Force is the cosmic energy force that thrives on movement and velocity and is the source that grants speedsters their powers. As revealed in Season 7, Episode 3, the Speed Force was able to take on human traits, allowing her to grow closer to Barry and Iris, wanting to learn about and understand them better. Even though Barry felt somewhat comforted by the presence of his dead mother, the whole situation is still just plain weird. 

Speed Force is a living, breathing human and it makes no sense

This is the very crux of what left fans scratching their heads: Does it make sense that a cosmic entity that has only ever been a detached presence has now taken on human traits and is now in the body of Barry's mother? Throughout Season 7, Speed Force becomes the primary antagonist. According to ComicBook.com, Barry and Iris renewed the Speed Force after the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover unintentionally destroyed it, spawning life to three new villainous forces (Strength Force, Sage Force, and Still Force) with ulterior motives created without Barry and Iris' awareness. Speed Force Nora becomes ruthless and stops at nothing to destroy the other forces running amok in Central City.

The last season of "The Flash" was a big ol' bundle of confusion, considering that the Speed Force storyline was unexpected, and for many a hyper-confusing twist that left fans totally baffled. We hope that Season 8 will tie up any loose ends and make the "Flash" universe a little clearer.