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The Ending Of Fruits Basket Explained

For many anime fans, "Fruits Basket" has been the series that got them into the medium, and continues to be a favorite among viewers. The original manga, which was created by Natsuki Takaya, follows Tohru Honda, who, after her mother is killed in a car accident, lives in a tent until she is taken in by the mysterious Somas. Tohru quickly finds out that 13 members of the family are cursed by the vengeful spirits of the Chinese zodiac and transformed into animals when hugged by a member of the opposite sex or if their bodies are under intense stress. 

An anime for "Fruits Basket" aired in 2001, but never finished adapting the manga, ending right after Kyo Soma's true form is revealed. Nearly 20 years later, the anime was remade and met with critical acclaim, ending in 2021 with the third season. 

"Fruits Basket" is full of love, humor, and heartbreak, and the ending for the series is particularly emotional. The curse finally breaks. Kyo and Tohru confess their love for each other, and they end up getting married and having children and grandchildren. Yuki goes off to college with his girlfriend, Machi Kuragi, waiting for him back home. Akito sets off on a new chapter of her life, and the Somas are free to be their true selves. 

Tohru can move on

Tohru Honda is an extremely sweet and selfless girl, who puts others' well-being before her own. She struggles with a fear of abandonment, something that arose during her childhood and pushed her to adopt her father's personality to keep her mother's affection. She believes she must hold onto her mother after death, or else their relationship and memories will fade. Because of this, she feels ashamed as she gets closer to Kyo, feeling as though she is disrespecting Kyoko. 

Throughout the series, Tohru becomes stronger and learns to speak up, even expressing selfish tendencies concerning her love for Kyo. She soon realizes that Kyo is her future, and to have a relationship with him, she must move on, even if it means replacing Kyoko as her most important person. By stepping away from Kyoko and towards her new life, Tohru finally lets go of her trauma and learns that her future does not make her past unimportant.

Yuki can live his own life

Cursed by the spirit of the rat, Yuki Soma is seen as the one closest to God. Like Akito, he is "special," and must cope with the immense pressure on his shoulders. Having spent most of his life being mentally abused by Akito and his family, Yuki suffers from trauma that prevents him from speaking up. 

By the end of the series, Yuki is able to move away from the city and attend college. This is a big step for him, especially since when viewers meet his critical mother at parent-teacher day, she has already chosen where Yuki will go to school. To see him at the school of his choice while in a loving and healthy relationship is extremely emotional. He has been able to break away from his insecurities — thanks to the influence and kindness of Tohru — and become a confident young man, who is finally living his life on his own terms.

Kyo has forgiven himself

The cat is seen as a monster and an outcast, and as a result, both Kyo Soma and his mother were treated horribly for his existence. Unable to bear the abuse from her husband, she jumps in front of a train, and Kyo is blamed for her suicide. Kyo eventually meets Tohru's mother, Kyoko, and watches her get hit by a car, fearing that he'll be found out if he pulls her out of the way. Kyo feels her death is his fault, and his guilt prevents him from acting on his love for Tohru, believing that he does not deserve her affections. 

By the end of the series, however, Kyo realizes that Tohru is the only person that matters. His past can no longer define him, and he can push through his guilt and be happy with the girl who will continue to change his life. When he embraces Tohru and realizes the curse is broken, Kyo tears off the beads that keep his monstrous, true form at bay. This emotional act represents not only his freedom but also his separation from his past. Kyo has finally forgiven himself and is able to move on with Tohru by his side.

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Akito is on the way to redemption

Throughout "Fruits Basket," Akito Soma is seen as the main antagonist of the series. Revealed to be a woman, she is the "god" of the zodiac and believes that she has a pure and unbreakable bond with those who are cursed. She is seen as special, and because of that, she feels it is her right to control the rest of the family, becoming angry, defensive, and even violent when the connection is threatened or questioned. 

Tohru sees through Akito's anger to the scared, little girl underneath, and offers her friendship. After Tohru falls off a cliff and is seriously injured, Akito begins to change. She reveals to the family her true gender and tries to make amends for what she has done.

By opening up and apologizing, she shows that she respects her family and that she is willing to make up for her sins. Though she is not immediately forgiven, Akito understands the process will be far from easy. However, that does not stop her, and instead of lashing out, she continues to move forward, proving that she will work to better herself, instead of hiding behind secrets, anger, and sadness. 

The Somas are free

As viewers know, the cursed members of the zodiac have suffered their entire life. They are unable to have relationships and must keep their distance from those that do not know of their predicament. However, instead of moaning about it, they accept it because it's all they've ever known, and they do not wish to extend their suffering to others. 

The curse-breaking and Akito's attempt at redemption offer them a new chance at life. They, like Yuki and Kyo, can live as they see fit, without worrying about the consequences of their actions. Hatori is finally able to move on from Kana, Rin realizes that she wants to be with Hatsuharu and understands that she can't hurt him anymore, Kisa and Hiro can live out their childhoods with each other, Momiji can pursue his passion for music, and, possibly have a relationship with his sister, Shigure can help Akito become a better person, Ritsu becomes much more confident in himself as a man, Ayame can continue to repair his relationship with Yuki, and Kagura can move on from Kyo and find her own path. The ending represents spring, in a way, as the Soma family shakes their cold existences and steps out, renewed and fresh. They can all become the people they always wished they could be, and they can finally take steps towards their personal happiness.