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The Story Of Kyoko And Katsuya - What We Know So Far

Created by Natsuki Takaya, the manga series "Fruits Basket" follows Tohru Honda and her life with the Soma family, 12 of whom are cursed by the vengeful spirits of the Chinese zodiac. An anime adaptation was created in 2001, and while part of the story remained true to the source material, it only had one season and ended after Kyo Soma's true form is revealed. After almost 20 years, the anime was remade, complete with updated animation and the complete tale. The remake was met with critical acclaim, even ranking No. 6 on My Anime List

Though some things had to be cut from the final product, manga readers were disappointed to see that the story between Tohru's parents, Katsuya and Kyoko, was one of them. However, shortly after the anime concluded, fans found out that they would get to see how Katsuya and Kyoko's relationship began and developed. It is still pretty early in development, but here is everything we know about the upcoming project "The Story of Kyoko and Katsuya." 

What is the release date for The Story of Kyoko and Katsuya?

It was revealed via Twitter that "The Story of Kyoko and Katsuya" is due for a 2022 release and is currently in production. Fans also got this announcement at the end of "Fruits Basket's" final episode, immediately following Kyoko's reunion with her husband in heaven. This news is exciting for all fans of the series, especially because they get to see the people who gave life to the kind-hearted girl responsible for completely breaking the Soma family's curse. 

As of right now, there are no concrete details about the project. Since it is only a small part of the manga, we probably won't get a full-length season; a TV movie might seem like the best way to fully tell their story. Furthermore, since TMS Entertainment — known for working on "Detective Conan" since 1996 — adapted the remake, it can be assumed the studio will be back for this one. In addition, Yoshihide Ibata and Taku Kishimoto, who respectively directed and wrote "Fruits Basket," may also lend their talents once again. If a dub is made, the finished result may also air on Crunchyroll and Funimation alongside the sub, as the anime did.

Which characters will be in The Story of Kyoko and Katsuya?

"Fruits Basket" features a wide variety of characters, and it is likely we will see the same in "The Story of Kyoko and Katsuya." As is in the title, we will see Tohru Honda's parents and also those who shaped their relationship as it is portrayed in the manga. 

Kyoko will be portrayed much differently than in the anime. Fans have seen her through Tohru's eyes, and Kyoko is a loving — if a little irresponsible — mother who aims to give her daughter the best life possible and put her own past behind her. Before Kyoko becomes a wife and mother, however, she deals with quite a bit of trouble. She is a violent and lonely girl, whose decision to join a gang stems from living in a physically and mentally abusive household.

Viewers will quickly note the similarities between Katsuya and Tohru. An intern teacher, Katsuya is perceptive, kind, and responsible. He speaks very politely — which is something Tohru tries to imitate in order to keep her mother happy following Katsuya's death — and does his best to help the guarded and angry Kyoko through patience and understanding.

We will probably see Kyoko's and Katsuya's families, whose attitude toward the couple's relationship affects how Tohru is eventually treated in the original series. 

What will be the plot of The Story of Kyoko and Katsuya?

It is likely the "Story of Kyoko and Katsuya" will be taken directly from the manga — Natsuki Takaya tells their tale in Volume 16 — and will depict Kyoko's chaotic family life, the bad choices she makes because of her anger and sadness, and how she meets and falls in love with her eventual husband. 

As a gang member, Kyoko rarely attends school. The day she does, she meets Katsuya Honda. Whereas other teachers cannot seem to handle her violent outbursts, Katsuya is quickly able to see past her attitude to the broken girl underneath. She is initially hostile to him as well, but he does not give up on her, and instead, helps her through her overwhelming emotions. 

Kyoko slowly changes thanks to Katsuya's influence. She becomes kinder and more responsible, even deciding to leave the gang life despite being beaten by the other girls. Though her parents officially disown her, Kyoko finds a true home with Katsuya, and the two are able to marry. 

Fans will probably see the birth of Tohru as well, and the quiet, happy life the Honda family share before tragedy strikes and Katsuya succumbs to illness. Though Kyoko reverts to her depressive, lonely self and contemplates suicide, she is able to move on and find meaning within her daughter, using Katsuya's impact on her life to help others.