The Best Reid And Morgan Moment In Criminal Minds According To Fans

"Criminal Minds" remains popular well after airing its final episode in 2020. The show has a new home on Netflix, which means that rewatching the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit's best moments is easier than ever. There have certainly been a lot of highlights over the show's 15 seasons, especially given the incredible chemistry between the team. One of the best relationships between BAU team members is the one between Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore).

Reid and Morgan are part of the original BAU squad that debuts in Season 1, meaning both encounter plenty of disturbing cases that have allowed them to see one another on a more personal level. Reid comes from some childhood trauma, such as bullying, and had a challenging time with his mother, Diana (Jane Lynch), who struggles with schizophrenia. Morgan also experienced bullying growing up, but also bore witness to the death of his father at the age of 10 and was molested by his surrogate father, Carl Buford (Julius Tennon).

Slowly discovering these experiences about each other certainly contributes to their strong relationship, but Reid and Morgan also share a light-hearted brotherhood. This camaraderie is perfectly shown in what fans have deemed as their favorite moment between the two — the prank war.

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Reid and Morgan's prank war sets the bar for fans of Criminal Minds

According to a popular "Criminal Minds" Reddit thread, many fans agree that the prank war between Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan is a highlight of their relationship on the show, with u/scarronline going as far to say that Reid won. They posted a clip from the Season 7 episode "Painless" where Reid gets Morgan back from earlier in the episode by overlaying the sound of himself screaming on Morgan's phone and MP3 player during the BAU's flight back home. U/Nock_and_Bolt and U/Kohai_Productions both professed their love for the scene, and u/mastr1121 wished "Criminal Minds" would've continued this storyline between Reid and Morgan even longer.

Sadly, the prank war between Morgan and Reid starts to fizzle after that episode, although it certainly could have been funny for fans to see more of this occur sporadically before Morgan's Season 11 departure. Interestingly, Gubler and Moore also seem to have a great relationship off-screen as well. Gubler has even taken to Twitter on multiple occasions to tease his fellow actor, even joking about Season 14 of the show being in the perspective of Moore during a brief interview with TVGuide in 2018. Beyond that, there are plenty of photos of the two having fun together off-set.