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The Surprising Reid Detail That Criminal Minds Fans Absolutely Love

"Criminal Minds" was an exceptionally popular drama, and throughout its 15 seasons, it featured the awesome talents of actors like Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, Matthew Gray Gubler, Joe Mantegna, and Jane Lynch. Prior to the show's last episode in February 2020, "Criminal Minds" followed the efforts of the Behavioral Analysis Unit, which used its combined skills and expertise in investigating cases involving various dangerous suspects, or "unsubs." The series has been well-received by fans, and the show currently holds an 86% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

One of the main characters, Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), was one of the few actors to appear in every season of the show. Reid is an invaluable asset to the BAU and has a rather impressive pedigree within the context of "Criminal Minds." Reid graduated from high school at 12 and possesses a litany of academic disciplines like chemistry, mathematics, engineering, sociology, and psychology, as well as a photographic memory. However, there's one character quirk that fans of the show find absolutely irresistible.

What do fans love about Spencer Reid?

The discussion on Reddit was originally started by u/Seesaw_5789 who asked, "IDK if i'm the only one, but does anyone else just really appreciate Reid's cardigans and sweaters?" The question itself ignited a powder keg of responses on the popular forum, with a chorus of users in total simpatico. u/TheologiaViatorum joked that Spencer Reid's outfits and clothing choices were the only things that would ever make them consider a cardigan. Several comments used the word "love" to describe the character's wardrobe selection.

u/Gray_Kaleidoscope added, "He has a dark academia aesthetic and I'm all here for it." Another user admitted that just watching the Spencer Reid character inspired them to start wearing Converse shoes as well. Others also chimed in with their opinions, and there wasn't a single comment that wasn't thoroughly impressed by the aforementioned sweaters and cardigans. It seems that almost everybody on the thread was in love with Spencer Reid's clothing, and most of the comments that mentioned them received several up-votes.

The only comment that could be even considered less then enthusiastic came from u/CEWriter who stated, "His cardigans, his sweaters and his vests... I love the way he dresses so much. The only thing I like less are the short-sleeved button-downs." This was one of the few outliers in the conversation, but the Redditor still agreed with the final point, and that was how Matthew Gray Gubler's Spencer Reid has absolutely impeccable taste.