Who Plays Nurse Dina On Chicago Med?

"Chicago Med is one of three "One Chicago" series on NBC, alongside "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago P.D." As is often the case with serial network dramas revolving around particular professions, arguably the main reason fans tune into these shows is not their plots or settings, but their expansive casts of characters. For instance, Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), who is the most likable character on "Chicago Med," is very popular among the show's fanbase, and therefore one of the show's principal draws.

While viewers can indeed watch each of these series individually, they semi-frequently cross over with one another, rewarding those dedicated to the "One Chicago" universe in its entirety. For example, in one of the best "One Chicago" crossover moments, some of the firefighters from "Chicago Fire" must help the "Chicago Med" hospital recover from an explosion.

While Nurse Dina is a "Chicago Med" original, like many of her peers, she's appeared in episodes of both "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago P.D." as well, meaning that fans of the franchise should be well familiar with her character. Here's who portrays Dina across all of her "One Chicago" appearances.

Amanda Marcheschi plays Nurse Dina on Chicago Med

Since her first appearance on "Chicago Med" in 2015, and continuing into 2022, actor Amanda Marcheschi has portrayed Nurse Dina (via IMDb). Her filmography prior to her first "Chicago Med" episode is relatively brief, beginning with a short film titled "Case of Illness" that happens to take place in Chicago.

Her most prominent role prior to joining the "One Chicago" franchise was in the feature film "Four Seasons," starring seasoned actor Keith D. Robinson as its lead. Marcheschi's name, meanwhile, is billed among the movie's principal cast members on its poster (via IMDb).

In an interview with Fansided, Marcheschi revealed that one of her earliest acting gigs was in a theatrical production of "To Kill a Mockingbird." She shared the role of Scout with Liesel Matthews, who ended up starring in the Alfonso Cuarón-directed "The Little Princess." In fact, according to Marcheschi's personal website, not only is she an experienced theater actor, but most of her stage roles were in Chicago-based productions, making her newfound "One Chicago" stardom particularly fitting. Other cast members, like Nurse Beth actor Mia Park for example, also have ties to the city of Chicago outside of the series.

Nurse Dina on "Chicago Med," then, is arguably the role for which Marcheschi is most well-known, as a member of its recurring cast over the course of six years and counting.