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Whatever Happened To RuckPack After Shark Tank?

Appearing on the hit ABC reality series "Shark Tank" is a surefire way of getting your company noticed, no matter whether the company gets a deal. On the show, entrepreneurs from all walks of life get the opportunity to make their dreams become reality by pitching their daring business ideas to a group of wealthy investors. Even without a deal, exposure on the show at least guarantees a good few people will check their business out. But to be able to walk out with a dream deal is a whole heck of a lot better.

One of the lucky ones who struck a deal was Major Robert Dyer. The Marine Corps officer and Naval Academy instructor appeared on Season 4, Episode 10 in 2012, where he pitched his nutritional, quality energy drink, RuckPack. RuckPack was developed by Dyer and other Marines during their time stationed in Afghanistan in 2008. During week-long missions, they could bring very little in the way of food, so they needed an energy supplement that would not make them crash. RuckPack's caffeine and sugar-free formula means that it lacks the same crash effect that many other energy drinks on the market contain, increasing mental sharpness and acuity. Dyer came in looking for $75,000 for a 10% stake in his company. His confidence and touching story managed to win over the sharks, resulting in a deal with Kevin O' Leary and Robert Herjavec for $150,000 for a 20% stake. Now a decade later, how has RuckPack been faring?

RuckPack went through some big changes

Their initial exposure on "Shark Tank" brought a wealth of attention to RuckPack. The company would be featured on such outlets as Bloomberg, Military Times, Fox, People Magazine, and many more. Similarly, several of the company's representatives have spoken at places such as the White House and Syracuse University. A year after the deal was made, the company's revenue skyrocketed, going from $35,000 to $500,000 with the sharks' help (via SEOaves).

Still, it was not all smooth sailing for the ambitious company. As chronicled in their "Beyond the Tank" appearance, founder Robert Dyer would not be able to fully commit to being CEO, given his other responsibilities including caring for his ill son. So two years after their "Shark Tank" appearance, Dyer appointed veteran Marine Special Operations Officer, Derek Herrera, to step in as CEO. However, it would not be a fruitful business relationship, as Herrera caused considerable financial damage to the company during his time. So 2016 saw a new face get brought in, that being Jimmy Patrick O'Brien Jr. O' Brien, a close friend of Dyer's since childhood, helped get the company back on track. They would strike a deal with The GHT Companies that would help in building out their business further. 

As of 2022, the business still operates a functioning website and regularly post on Twitter and Facebook.