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The AHS: Murder House Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"American Horror Story" is a flagship series for FX. Since the hit horror anthology series first aired on the network in 2011, "American Horror Story" has proven to be one of the most popular shows on the network, enticing viewers with its entertaining exploration of horror archetypes. From witches, zombies, and vampires to ghosts, mad scientists, and serial killers, "American Horror Story" has consistently delivered stories that excite, thrill, and terrify audience members.

Though "American Horror Story" still commands a strong viewership, the first few seasons of the show continue to rank favorably as some of the series' best so far. This is especially true of the inaugural season, "Murder House," the season that solidified the show's place as one of the most noteworthy anthology series on television of its day. Set in then-present 2011, the story follows the Harmon family as they move into a new house in Los Angeles, where they slowly begin encountering several ghosts who haunt the otherwise idyllic mansion.

"Murder House" aired to overall positive reviews from critics and was nominated for seventeen Emmy Awards. Part of the show's appeal lay in its modern approach to horror and its complex characters, like the sociopathic teenager, Tate (Evan Peters) or the enigmatic next-door neighbor, Constance (Jessica Lange). With how layered the characters are, it's easy to see that many of their personalities closely adhere to the characteristics of certain astrological signs. Here is the "Murder House" character that personifies your zodiac sign.

Aries — Hayden McClaine

Aries are filled with passion, leading them to impulsively act without thinking things through. They are bold, outgoing, and never back down to a challenge, charging at life's roadblocks headfirst, never considering what the repercussions might be. This recklessness can be seen in Hayden McClaine, the emotionally unhinged former lover-slash-mistress of Ben.

Years prior to the events of "Murder House," Ben cheats on his devoted wife, Vivien, by sleeping with his student Hayden, who becomes pregnant. After the family moves to Los Angeles, Hayden calls Ben to convince him to travel back to Boston to attend her abortion. When Ben rebukes her, she journeys out to Los Angeles herself, having decided to keep the baby. After Larry kills her, she haunts the Harmon household, attempting to drive Vivien insane so that she can claim the Harmons' child for herself.

Hayden's situation is unfortunate, as is her virtual abandonment by Ben. However, it's Hayden's subsequent response to this abandonment that best illustrates the qualities of an Aries. Never deterred by failure and unwilling to accept things that don't go her way, Hayden ventures out to Los Angeles to break apart the Harmon family and claim Ben for herself without stopping to think of how unlikely it is that he would leave his family for Hayden. Like a true Aries, she is dead set on her ways, and her actions are dictated solely by emotion rather than rationality — ultimately costing Hayden her life.

Taurus — Vivien Harmon

Vivien is the headstrong matriarch of the Harmon household. Whereas Ben is the more weak-willed of Violet's two parents — prone to temptation as seen in his attraction to Hayden and Moira during the events of "Murder House" — Vivien is far more sure of herself, a take-charge woman trying to keep her family together after she learns about Ben's infidelity. Having suffered a miscarriage before "Murder House," Vivien wishes to have a baby and settle down in the family's new Los Angeles home, not realizing the threats posed by the ghosts haunting the mansion.

With her no-nonsense attitude and her desire for a comfortable life in the suburbs, Vivien invokes many of the key traits found within a Taurus personality. Taureans thrive on stability and balance — something seen with Vivien both before and after her death. A true Taurean, she appears all too happy to be with her spectral family after their death by the end of the season, seemingly content just knowing that they are together.

Due to their homebody nature, Taureans can have difficulty adjusting to new surroundings. However, when they finally do, they're more than able to make themselves comfortable in their new environment. This is something that most especially is seen with Vivien, someone who is looking for balance in her settings and is finally granted one in the form of the "Murder House" mansion the family will haunt for all eternity.

Gemini — Moira O'Hara

Geminis are one of the most unique signs of the zodiac, known for their contrasting personality types and the almost paradoxical relationship between those born under this astrological sign. Symbolized by the Twins, Geminis are essentially two people trapped in one who acts a certain way one moment and a different way the next. Who else is a better example of two people trapped in one body than Moira O'Hara, the former maid to the Langdons and the current maid to the Harmons, who haunts the Murder House mansion as a multi-faced ghost.

To women, Moira appears as a wisened old maid who takes care of her household duties. Initially, she seems like the only ghost in the mansion who cares about Vivien's well-being. To men, Moira appears as a younger version of herself, using her body to seduce married men like Ben and prove their lack of faithfulness to their wives. These appearances also come with dissimilar personalities, with the younger Moira appearing to be another person entirely from her elderly self. In her youthful form, Moira is extroverted, flirtatious, and prone to innuendo, whereas the older Moira is more introverted, reserved, and mild-mannered.

Aside from the literal illustration of Moira personifying the Twins, she also embodies all the positive qualities of a Gemini in her service to the Harmons. Fierce, loyal, and protective, she genuinely cares about the Harmons' well-being. Despite appearing as two different people trapped in one body, Moira appears as a fundamentally level-headed and compassionate person, always ready to help others, faithfully serving the Harmons before and after their death.

Cancer — Tate Langdon

Tate Langdon is a young patient of Ben's, a sociopathic teenager responsible for a mass shooting at his high school and the deaths of numerous people within the "Murder House" mansion. Tate appears to be a likable and charming youth with a somewhat brooding, mysterious attitude. Underneath, he is a cold, calculating ghost capable of committing monstrous acts against strangers while claiming that he doesn't remember anything about them.

The explanation behind Tate's horrific actions is further elaborated in "American Horror Story: Apocalypse," when the teenage Langdon is revealed to be a vessel for Satan himself. In the context of "Murder House," however, he appears as a dangerous, mentally disturbed character who cannot control his emotions. This is keeping in line with the characteristics of a Cancer, a zodiac sign known for its hypersensitivity.

Like Tate, Cancers are prone to profound bouts of sadness and sorrow, their actions often dictated by their unstable emotion. They feel things more intensely than others, becoming melancholic at even the slightest offenses — all traits seen in Tate, who is devastated when Violet rebuffs him at the end of "Murder House." Romantics at heart, Cancers thrive on stability and the familiar, feeling out of place when thrust into new, unknown situations. This is another trait seen in Tate, who is more than willing to wait for Violet at the finale of "Murder House" rather than moving on with his life — or rather, his death.

Leo — Travis Wanderly

Natural showmen, Leos are the life of the party, flamboyant in their behavior and capable of sticking out in crowds. They want nothing more than to be the center of attention and are capable of entertaining large groups effortlessly. Put them in front of a camera, and Leos will flourish, captivating audiences with their wit, communication skills, and physical appearances alone. Knowing all that, it shouldn't be surprising that Travis Wanderly, Constance Langdon's aspiring actor boyfriend, is a Leo.

Despite their obvious age difference, Travis is a faithful lover to Constance and a source of kindness in the Langdon household. While Constance herself may give in to occasional bouts of anger, Travis is the far more level-headed of the two, frequently de-escalating situations and acting as a mediator between Constance and her family. Unlike Constance, Travis is shown to always be kind to others — especially to Adelaide, with whom he forms a paternal bond. 

Travis exemplifies many of the strongest characteristics of a Leo. He is warm, creative, and loving, never letting his ego dictate his actions. As seen with Travis, Leos like to feel important, always looking for recognition in the eyes of others. They want to feel distinguished and separate from everyone else but long for the respect of the public at large. Unfortunately, Travis's dream to one day achieve this comes after his death — when his murder becomes a famous cold case — though this Leo is overjoyed at the idea that he is finally famous.

Virgo — Chad Warwick

Virgos have unfortunate reputations of being perfectionists. They want nothing but the best from their loved ones and coworkers. Anything that is less than ideal causes them to lash out. This is best seen in Chad Warwick, a ghost haunting the "Murder House" mansion alongside his boyfriend, Patrick.

Before the events of "Murder House," Chad and Patrick moved into the mansion based on Chad's desire to start a family. This urge is not shared by Patrick, who regularly cheats on Chad, and who later tells Tate that he doesn't actually love Chad. Patrick appears to neglect Chad, emotionally manipulating him while blaming the couple's problems on Chad's "control-freak" type personality. Never daunted, Chad still maintains an ideal image in his head of him and Patrick one day raising a family together, at one point even planning to kidnap Vivien's children and raise the babies for themselves.

Chad has all the makings of a Virgo. Both he and Virgos are perfectionists and meticulous in their attention to detail. This can be seen in Chad's plans to renovate and redesign the mansion based on his taste, as well as his desire to have the perfect family. Part of Virgos' unattainably high standards is due to their constant desire to feel useful. When they're busy working on a project, they don't have time to think about their problems, feeling instead that they're improving their situation through hard work — a quality present in Chad.

Libra — Constance Langdon

Constance Langdon is the complicated matriarch of the Langdon household. She is a source of maternal love for her family, although she has trouble expressing her emotions to her loved ones. Fiercely protective of her family, Constance retains her children's spirits as ghosts so they can be together forever.

At first, Constance appears to be a warm and welcoming neighbor to the Harmons. In reality, though, her attitude is a ploy motivated by Constance's interest in staying close to the house and the spirits of her family within. In terms of the zodiac, Constance's personality seems to mirror that of a Libra. Symbolized by the Scales, Libras crave balance and stability, something that is seen with Constance's desire to run the Langdon household despite the issues that threaten her family.

Libras constantly seek out others, wanting to be acknowledged for their responsibility and leadership potential. This is another quality that can be easily spotted in Constance, someone who believes herself destined to be the ultimate mother — something she feels is finally granted to her in the form of her grandson Michael. Libras often fantasize about success or an ideal state of being, although reality frequently fails to live up to those expectations. This characteristic most accurately explains Constance's anger and abuse of her children. In her mind, she wants to be a great mother looking after a perfect family, never acknowledging their problems or her own demeaning attitude towards them.

Scorpio — Ben Harmon

Ben Harmon is a complex figure whose loyalties are in flux throughout "Murder House." At the start of the season, Ben is revealed to have a strained relationship with his wife, Vivien, largely rooted in Vivien's miscarriage months prior. This causes Vivien to withdraw emotionally, which leads Ben to pursue women outside of their marriage.

A clinical psychiatrist by trade, Ben is intelligent and methodical in his work, seeing things from an analytical standpoint. He prides himself on his rationality, seeing the world as a logical place, having little patience or belief in the supernatural. Ben struggles at first to adapt to the seemingly impossible happenings in the mansion, yet he does eventually come to terms with the house's paranormal qualities. This logical mindset is a crucial characteristic of a Scorpio, one of the most rational zodiac signs.

Scorpios are famous for relying more on facts and reason than mere superstition. Desiring to remain in control of their situation, they tend to be emotionally guarded and prefer to be the ones asking the questions. This can be seen with Ben's work as a psychiatrist, as he is used to people opening up around them but barely lets down his own emotional barriers to others. Like Ben, Scorpios are also known for seeing things as plainly as possible, never sugar coating the facts — as seen with Ben coldly but truthfully telling Tate he is a sociopath — or misrepresenting information.

Sagittarius — Larry Harvey

Sagittarians are one of the most free-spirited signs in astrology. Whereas many signs are weighed down by responsibilities, Sagittarians live an otherwise idyllic, carefree life. They are roamers, always looking for the next adventure that life offers them. They embrace change, feel excitement whenever their situation shifts, and are always ready to live in the moment. The character on "Murder House" who best embodies the qualities of a Sagittarius is Larry Harvey.

Larry is a former owner of the "Murder House" mansion who once resided there with his wife and two daughters. After he falls in love with Constance, Larry tells his wife he intends to leave her, and she burns herself and their two children alive. Now completely devoted to Constance, Larry faithfully serves as her pawn after their relationship has ended.

Like the fire sign he personifies, Larry has had a complicated life and has been shown to make his decisions based on emotions. He destroys his family to ensure his relationship with Constance can continue, never thinking about the consequences this decision would have. Further evidence of Larry's Sagittarian behavior is found in his decision to frame himself for Travis' murder, seeing prison as a way to redeem himself. However, as he tells Constance, the only way to "get through" the sentence would be if Constance acknowledged she once loved him, with Larry never thinking about the possibility that Constance never actually loved him at all.

Capricorn — Nora Montgomery

Nora Montgomery and her husband Charles are among the first spirits who began haunting the mansion in "Murder House." The Montgomerys had an active lifestyle in the 1920s, throwing parties and living the life of wealthy socialites. However, when their finances stalled due to Charles' ether addiction, Nora pressured her husband to commit illegal abortions in their basement.

Nora's spirit before and after her death is very much an example of a Capricorn personality. Obsessed with success, Capricorns are competitive and consumed by their insatiable desire to obtain more. They are accustomed to a more privileged lifestyle defined by material goods. These are all traits that can be seen in Nora, who reacts angrily when her expensive living habits are threatened. Rather than relegate herself to a less costly lifestyle, Nora resorts to criminal acts, which eventually cost her and her family's life.

Greedy, entitled, and possessive, Nora embodies the worst characteristics of a Capricorn. However, due to the bullet wound that impacted her brain upon her death, she is also shown capable of decency, warmth, and maternal love, all traits one might find in a Capricorn. Amid her family's downfall, Nora appears as the responsible leader of the family, attempting to steer them away from poverty when Charles seems unable to. Responsibility and levelheadedness are two essential traits Capricorns hold dear, and Nora is ready to take charge when no one else seems willing to rise to the challenge.

Aquarius — Violet Harmon

The only child of Ben and Vivien Harmon, Violet is one of the most moral and rational characters in "Murder House."  Violet is prone to acting out against her dysfunctional parents, but she is filled with compassion and is a fundamentally good person. However, her parents' constant fighting causes Violet to withdraw. Soon, she finds a significant other in the form of Tate, although their short-lived relationship ends when Violet confronts the truth surrounding Tate's psychopathy.

Violet is the archetypical Aquarian. Emotionally guarded at all times, Aquarians are known for being aloof, seen as natural outcasts who live on the fringes of society. Rather than being filled with sadness over their loner status, Aquarians derive meaning from their social isolation, seeing their greatest weaknesses as their ultimate strengths, giving them their most defining characteristics. Few people can get in touch with the real person behind an Aquarian's surface, as shown through Violet's often tumultuous interactions with her parents and Tate.

Aquarians try to avoid classification and seek new ways to surprise others. They're known for their rebellious nature, anti-authoritarian mindset, and distrust of others. Some feel that when they open up emotionally, they leave themselves exposed. As such, Aquarians seldom reveal their true feelings, preferring to appear as distant as possible. All of these traits are seen in Violet, who is unwilling to accept her parents' decision to move into the "Murder House" but eventually has a poignant conversation with her mother that brings them closer than ever.

Pisces — Adelaide Langdon

Pisces are the wisest of all the zodiac signs. A water sign embraces the mistakes of the previous astrological signs, they are one of the few signs completely in touch with their feelings. They spend their time living in a fantastical world of their own design, having trouble separating reality from fantasy. Such is the case for Adelaide Langdon, Constance's youngest daughter and the only living sibling of the Langdon family.

Adelaide constantly attempts to ward others away from the mansion while playing with the spirits haunting the house. Adelaide possesses a positive worldview despite her mother's constant abuse, refusing to acknowledge the horrors of her surroundings or the terrible acts committed by the Langdons. It's only after her death halfway that Adelaide realizes the extent of her family's trauma, refusing to haunt "Murder House" due to her mother and brother's past actions. 

As a sympathetic sign, Pisces are perfectly in touch with themselves. Their intelligence is derived from individual life experiences, making them wise beyond their years. To cope with trauma, they look inwards, retreating into the world they've carefully and meticulously created. While this is one of their defining traits, this might also be Pisces' greatest weakness, as they are frequently unable to see things for what they are. They tend to gloss over the grim aspects of their situations and focus only on the positive, something that Adelaide does time and time again until she realizes how awful her family truly is.