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The One-Of-A-Kind Ford That Fetched A Small Fortune On American Pickers

"American Pickers" has been a staple of History for years, getting its start way back in 2010 and quickly becoming a fan favorite. Viewers loved seeing what kinds of treasures the Antique Archaeology crew could unearth in sheds, garages, and personal collections and witnessing the price negotiation process at the same time. Sure, things haven't always been peachy keen for the show, especially after the controversial firing of longtime co-host Frank Fritz in 2020, but so long as ratings don't continue to decline, it stands to reason that the series won't go anywhere for a while.

If "American Pickers" were to come to an abrupt end at this stage in the game, those involved would have nothing to be ashamed of. Over the years, they've made some truly remarkable discoveries, ranging from old road signs to iconic toys and everything in-between, raking in an impressive amount of cash along the way. Of course, of the numerous purchases made by the likes of Mike Wolfe and Danielle Colby, some continue to stand out from the pack, be it thanks to the price tags associated with them or the uniqueness of the items in question. In some rare cases, it's because of both.

Take, for instance, a true one-of-a-kind Ford that the "American Pickers" team scored for a hefty sum.

This Ford hodgepodge went for thousands

The "American Pickers" Season 17 episode "Hot Rod Hero" saw now-rivals Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel to North Carolina to check out the wares the state may hold. They visit the home of a custom car maker whose son has since taken over his collection of various parts and vehicles. One such piece is an entirely custom-made Ford comprised of all sorts of parts, though it lacked internal engine components. Nevertheless, Mike and Frank knew they had to have this wholly unique automobile, so they offered the owner $3,000 for what's effectively just a vintage frame and set of wheels, and the rest is history.

While that's a lot of money in any context, when looking back on Mike and Frank's "American Pickers" car buys, this one sits on the low end. After all, this Ford is a one-of-a-kind item, and it's in dire need of restoration, so it makes sense that it didn't fetch an even higher price. However, had the owner's father completed it, then chances are, it could've rivaled some of the show's previous classic car purchases. For instance, as recalled by Hot Cars, Mike and Frank once bought a couple of 1954 Nash-Healeys for a staggering $46,000, shelled out $35,000 for a 1914 Merz cycle car, and parted ways with $12,500 for a Dodge A-100.

The hodgepodge of Ford parts that the "American Pickers" team snagged for $3,000 may not be the priciest automobile buy they've ever made, but it certainly endures as one of the most unique.