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The New Girl Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A breezy, unexpected hit from 2011 – 2018, the Fox series "New Girl" starred Zooey Deschanel as Jessica "Jess" Day, a thirtysomething teacher with an effervescent personality who moves in with a group of guys after her boyfriend Spencer (Ian Wolterstorff) cheats on her. What she doesn't know is that these guys will become her best friends, greatest supporters, and eventually, part of her family — her long-time bestie Cece (Hannah Simone) even marries one of them. These guys include former Latvian basketball player Winston (Lamorne Morris), bartender Nick (Jake Johnson), and kitchen organizer extraordinaire Schmidt (Max Greenfield).

Filled with memorable storylines and big laughs (even if some have aged better than others), nearly 150 episodes speak to how much its loyal fanbase came to adore the series. Plus, how many shows can say they've had both Taylor Swift and Prince as guest stars? 

But, ultimately, it was the core characters that made "New Girl" sing. Every viewer had a favorite, perhaps because it was so easy to see something of yourself in their personality types. In fact, you can tell a lot about a person from their favorite "New Girl" character — much like learning their Zodiac sign. With that in mind, "New Girl" is the ideal show to break down facets of a person's personality by cross-referencing the two. Find your birthdate below, and learn whether you're a Jess, Nick, Schmidt or someone else.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Rhonda

Rhonda (Sonequa Martin-Green) is the definition of an Aries. She's bold in the pranks she pulls and always completely committed to them, no matter what the gag entails. Case in point, she's Winston's ex-wife and technically Aly's (Nasim Pedrad) mother, but only in Liberia. Both of these situations came about because of Rhonda's pranks. She isn't just passionate about jokes, she's an outright trailblazer in the field. No other sign would dare to adopt someone in another country for the sake of a laugh.

Like a classic Aries, Rhonda also doesn't know when to quit. After Winston reveals to Aly that he's married to Rhonda in Season 5, his "wife" pulls off a seemingly endless stream of pranks before signing the divorce papers. She immediately makes Winston think they have a son together, even going so far as to secure a baby from her cousin Dave, who borrowed said baby from work. There are so many levels of wrong to this prank, but that's how an Aries rolls: Their sense of humor is the only one that matters. But to give this sign some credit, they apply their ridiculous standards to themselves as well. When Cece and Schmidt meet Rhonda in "Jeff Day," she commits to an outlandish "life story," which is entirely fictional and absolutely ludicrous.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): Winston

With a May 2 birthday, Winston is an in-canon Taurus. But his birthday isn't the only thing that makes him the perfect representation of this classic earth sign. Winston is a Taurus principally because of his trustworthy nature, steadfast friendship, ambition, and appreciation of honesty. Winston values his friends and honesty so deeply that in Season 2, he has a panic attack when he lies to Schmidt. He isn't lying about anything too serious, just that he and Jess are the reason most of Schmidt's suits are ruined. While others might simply explain the unfortunate accident that led to this — a tub fell through the roof — Winston freaks out about telling him. But he has a really hard time keeping the secret, as he and Jess decide how to explain themselves. He's almost as bad a liar as Nick.

Winston's Taurean ambition and ironclad focus make up a huge part of his character. He was so devoted to playing professional basketball in Latvia for several years, he didn't keep up with what was going on in the United States. When he comes back and finds himself on the job hunt once more, he makes it his mission to catch up on everything he missed so he can make small talk in interviews. Only a Taurus has the sort of dedication and patience necessary to tackle such a task.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Coach

Ernie "Coach" Tagliaboo (Damon Wayans Jr.) is an intelligent, dynamic, multifaceted Gemini. For one thing, he has two names — Ernie and Coach — which automatically aligns him with this dualistic sign. These names also symbolize his two modes of interacting with the world. 

As Coach, he's intense and energetic. Though this name came from a brief episode in his life — he briefly coached a Latvian basketball team — it stuck because it perfectly sums up the more emphatic aspects of his personality. As Ernie, he's a slower, more thoughtful soul. Geminis might be seen as flighty, but this sort of penetrating insight defines them. It is most evident in the friendship that develops between Coach and Jess: He's always looking to bring something wonderful into her life. One memorable example of this arrives when he tries to set her up with the Ryan Geauxinue (Julian Morris), a new teacher.

Though Geminis are loving, they're not sentimental. Coach, ever the personal trainer, is a great example: He believes in making clean breaks with the past as needed. This can seem a little harsh, but it's also quite effective — Geminis tend to get what they want out of life. The group does manage to soften Coach up — he even takes some items from the loft with him during the Season 4 finale "Clean Break" — but he still remains a brilliant, practical, ambitious Gemini.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): Russell

Russell (Dermot Mulroney) can seem detached and unapproachable, but to those he lets inside his emotional walls, he's a deeply generous soul. In short, he's a total Cancer. His daughter Sarah is one of Jess's students. After Jess calls him out for his views on creativity in the classroom in Season 1's "Fancyman Part 1," the principal tries to force her to apologize — Russell's a big donor. Initially, he comes across as arrogant and standoffish. His demeanor is so potent, it immediately extinguishes her colorful personality.

But in truth, Russell is a softy. This makes him a classic Cancer: Like the crab that symbolizes them, those born under this sign conceal their warm, loving personalities with tough outer shells. Russell is incredibly kind to Jess and her friends, whether they're in a relationship or not. He offers Nick a brand new phone he receives from work, simply because he doesn't need it. When Jess is on her way to apologize to him for her outburst, her car breaks down. Who happens to be around to help? Russell, of course. He calls her a cab and even offers his own car so she can get where she needs to go. Cancers can't help but care for the ones they love.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): Nadia

Leos are dramatic, bold, and flourish in social situations, much like Cece's roommate, Nadia (Rebecca Reid). While she doesn't appear as often as other characters on the show, she certainly makes a major splash. This Russian model's response to liking Schmidt's face is saying she wants to punch it; an odd thing to say, but that's how this fire sign does things: with no filter. 

A Leo can pull off even the rudest proclamations, so potent is their natural flair. When Jess goes out to a bar with Nadia and Cece in Season 2's "Models," Nadia entertains herself by comparing Jess to a monkey from a cracker commercial. Should most people attempt this sort of commentary? No. Has it stopped Nadia from getting what she wants out of life? Also no. Leos are charming and charismatic enough to pull all sorts of things off. Nadia even manages to encourage her fellow models to chant with her when she's taunting Jess. Sure, it's mean — but Nadia's a Leo. She's going to do it anyway, and get other people to go along.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Reagan

Arguably the most analytical, observant character in "New Girl," Reagan (Megan Fox) is the show's resident Virgo. She has her life planned out, maintains high standards for the people she lets in, and is as sophisticated as it gets. This detail-oriented sign does nothing by halves.

In her debut episode, Season 5's "Reagan," she immediately establishes herself as cosmopolitan and intelligent when she "encourages" a doctor to order from the pharmaceutical company she represents. But when she recognizes Cece from an MTV event they both attended, her guard drops immediately. This is classic Virgo behavior: They're not be trifled with, but if you end up part of their circle, they'll love you without reservation. Befriending a Virgo does, however, make one subject to their keen observational skills. Reagan easily identifies the group's emotional cores, including Schmidt's childhood struggles and Winston's love of cats.

As time goes on, this former ballerina's Virgo traits reveal themselves in full. Reagan hates disappointing the people in her life, like so many people born under this sign. She even enlists Winston to help her break off a relationship in Season 5's "Wig," because she's desperate to avoid hurting the girl's feelings. This is something that makes Virgos vulnerable, and Reagan is no exception — luckily, their active brains guide them towards making good choices.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Nick

Libras are endlessly imaginative, consistently turning dreams into their new reality. Nick Miller, an in-canon Libra, not only embodies the creative insight of this Air sign, but the weakness that comes with it.

The bartender has an amazing imagination, as demonstrated by his writing efforts. His first book, "Z is for Zombie," is about a detective that's also a zombie. The undead is popular in media, sure, but when was the last time "The Walking Dead" featured a zombie investigating criminal cases? "The Pepperwood Chronicles" is his book that not only reinforces his creative spirit but kickstarts his career, making his dream of being an author a tangible possibility. It took time, and several drafts to get there, but along the way, Nick's work revealed another key Libra trait that also doubles as a flaw: his laser-sharp focus.

By Season 6, as he's writing "The Pepperwood Chronicles," he asks his friends for notes, hoping to receive feedback to improve. When they have none, he keeps pestering them, not content with the notion that his work might actually be good. It stresses Nick out and makes him feel like his work isn't enough, hyper-focusing on any details he thinks should be changed. A Libra's focus can help them achieve their dreams, but it can also give them moments of unhappiness, which Nick shows in this instance.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): Cece

There is no better character to represent Scorpios than Cece, and it's not just because her birthday makes her one. This Water sign is a trailblazer, forging their own way and standing up for what they believe is right, just like the model-turned-business owner does. 

Scorpios both create their own path and stand their ground, which is exactly what Cece did when she founded her own modeling agency. After several of her models are poached by other agencies, she struggles with having enough clients for a print ad audition, so she enlists Jess and Reagan's help. They bring her two unconventional models, and the former model writes them off. However, she changes her tune when they're the only ones to try the product during the audition, seeing the potential in fostering an open mind. Standing behind them and adding them to her roster is a great example of why she's a Scorpio. 

As friends, the Water sign is honest and blunt, unafraid to tell you if someone in your life should be treating you better. Cece does just this when Schmidt is dating Fawn Moscato (Zoe Lister-Jones), a city councilwoman. Fawn tries to morph him into the perfect political asset, which means changing quite a bit of his personality. Cece calls the politician out on it, telling Schmidt that if his girlfriend won't accept him she doesn't deserve to date him. Only a Scorpio would call out such behavior as harshly as she did, all in the name of standing up for a friend.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Schmidt

A Sagittarius is truthful, strong-willed, and enthusiastic in everything they do. There is no better "New Girl" character this describes than Schmidt. 

The marketing guru is annoyingly honest with his friends about their shortcomings. In the Season 3 episode "All In," he tells Winston how bad he is at puzzles, and he does not sugar coat his words in the slightest. It's common for him to say something of this nature in an episode, even when someone is going out of their way for him, like when Nick made him a Jewish star cookie because the store was out. Schmidt is pretty mean about his friend's decorating skills. A Sagittarius' bluntness is arguably their biggest weakness, and it is for the fake Romney son too. 

The Fire sign's fault isn't the only Sagittarian thing about Schmidt. He's extroverted and confident, especially when it comes to work. Sagittarians will take on tasks and put together a plan before anyone even asks them to, which is exactly what he does with a new client at work. He creates a concept for a commercial that's unbeatable, and his boss agrees. A Sagittarius can't hide their tenacity, and Schmidt is no different. His enthusiasm for marketing sponges to men is evident in his pitch, and it can't be ignored.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Aly

Capricorns thrive on order and boundaries. Aly is an ideal Capricorn, living a life that requires enforcing rules, but also drawing lines in her personal and professional lives to protect her feelings. She sets a boundary with Winston when they become partners on the force, worried one of them will catch feelings and ruin their dynamic. This Earth sign is unusually good at moving up the job ladder, which tracks with Aly. She goes from being a member of the Los Angeles Police Department to training at Quantico, a solid upgrade in her line of work. 

While she exhibits the positive traits of a Capricorn, it's revealed during an interaction with Winston she also possesses a classic weakness of the Earth sign. They can struggle with how people perceive them, and that's exactly what happens when Winston asks for a new partner. He caught feelings, which breaks the line his partner drew, so he attempts to remedy that. Instead, Aly thinks there is something wrong with her, causing her to question herself and her abilities, and be upset at the one-sided decision. But, Capricorns also go after what they want, and that's just what she did. The cop confronted Winston, firmly stating she only wanted him as her partner, restoring the working relationship between them. 

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): Jess

Jess is a textbook Aquarius. The Air sign is incredibly independent and unlike anyone else you've ever met, which describes Jess perfectly. She collects purses with interesting appearances, is a wizard with a sewing machine, and creates a t-shirt for every occasion. The characters of the show (and us) have never met anyone quite like her, and probably never will again.

Aquariuses are humanitarians, always working to make the world a better place. One of many examples of Jess exhibiting this trait is when she challenges a local Chinese restaurant to stop distributing their takeout menus en masse in the Season 3 episode "Menus." She blackmails the restaurant into limiting their menu production, threatening to expose them for lying about their MSG-free food (which she knows has MSG because Winston is allergic to it and had a reaction), on the same day she hosts an Ocean Conservation Day for her students. If that's not trying to make the world a better place, what is?

Jess also cares about making connections with people. An Aquarius is always a good listener, wanting to hear someone's life story. Jess does exactly this when she tries to use Dice, a dating app, in Season 4. Even when she isn't romantically interested in someone, she lets them prattle on about their life story (raisins got one of them through prison), no matter how uncomfortable it makes her. Only an Aquarius could do that for ten dates in a single day.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): Robby

Robby (Nelson Franklin) is intuitive, with a strong moral compass that guides him through life, even in the roughest situations. In other words, he's a Pisces through and through. 

This Water sign is known for trusting their gut and giving the best advice. Robby, perhaps, gives the best guidance of any character on the show, encouraging his friends to remain true to themselves and their needs. In "Single and Sufficient," viewers discover that he created a group for people who want to take some time to be single and learn more about themselves. This almost backfires when two of the members start a romantic relationship. Robby becomes the voice of reason, encouraging them to stay true to the group's purpose and themselves. Like the Water sign, his friends listen and trust his advice on the matter.

When the show went too far and he and Jess were forced to make a difficult decision regarding their romantic relationship, he makes the right choice, showing just how strong his moral compass is. Part of Robby's (and the Water sign's) ethics is being nonjudgmental. He's willing to see the best in people, not assuming they're out to get him. This is reinforced when Jess accidentally injures him at the gym in the Season 6 episode "Ready." Even though his lawyer suggests suing her, he doesn't because he knows it wasn't intentional. Pisces have an unbiased view of the world, and the factory designer embodies that in his decision.