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Thomas Jane Tries To Get Away With Murder In Creepy 1922 Trailer

The rats are arriving as relentlessly as all these Stephen King adaptations in the first trailer for the new Netflix horror movie 1922.

Adapted from a story by King included in the 2010 novella collection Full Dark, No Stars1922 is set nearly a century ago and follows Thomas Jane as Wilfred James, a farmer in Nebraska who coerces his son into helping him murder his wife.

Following the commission of the murder, James deposits his wife's body in a well behind the farm as police begin to investigate her disappearance. Before long, James begins receiving visitations from a truly unsettling number of rats that invade his home and bite him, eventually returning with the reanimated body of his victim, back from the grave for revenge.

In addition to Jane, 1922 stars Molly Parker as James' wife Arlette, Dylan Schmid as James' son, and Brian d'Arcy as a local sheriff. Neal McDonough and Kaitlyn Bernard also star as the residents of a neighboring farm. 

You've really got to hand it for Stephen King for being productive. Between ItGerald's Game, and The Dark Tower (okay, maybe not that last one), there's plenty of material from the author newly-adapted to the screen to sift through if you're so inclined—and it's the perfect time of year for it, too.

1922 premieres on Netflix on October 20. Whether you've seen It yet or not, find out what all the hype is about (or revisit an old favorite) with our feature on the untold truth of It.