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Netflix's Gerald's Game Adaptation Gets A Creepy Trailer

While you were getting pumped for IT, Netflix was gearing up for a very different Stephen King adaptation– Gerald's Game. The streamer released the first trailer for their take on the psychological thriller on Wednesday, showing the creepy desperation of the film.

Gerald's Game stars Sin City's Carla Gugino and Star Trek's Bruce Greenwood as a couple who take a vacation to their summer home, where a sex game gone wrong leads to Gugino's Jessie trapped and tormented by painful memories from her childhood. Her only company is a hungry stray dog, the voices in her head, and a mysterious figure who might be watching from the shadows.

"This is gonna be good for us Jess, really good," Greenwood's Gerald says at the start of the trailer, as they drive off into the picture perfect sun of their vacation home. The trailer quickly moves away from this beauty, though, showing Gerald having a heart attack after chaining his wife to the bed. 

Jess quickly begins screaming for help, but darkness falls and Jess, alone, starts to picture her disapproving husband criticizing her various attempts to escape from her imprisonment. As Jess begins to flashback to her childhood, she realizes that her dark past may hold the key to figuring out her escape. "If you don't wake up, you're gonna die," someone tells her at the end of the trailer.

The adaptation already has King on board. The movie, which is directed by Ouija: Origin of Evil's Mike Flanagan based off a script from Flanagan and his writing partner Jeff Howard, got the thumbs up from the legendary horror writer on Twitter in February, when he wrote that an early cut of the movie was "horrifying, hypnotic, terrific." "It's gonna freak you out," he added.

Gerald's Game, which also stars Henry Thomas, Carel Struychken, and Kate Siegel, is set to hit Netflix on Sept. 29. For now, see some other originals you didn't realize the streamer was working on.