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Who Played Melissa On That '70s Show?

"That '70s Show" is full of memorable characters, both main ones and great supporting characters that fans love. Many beloved actors from the show like Kurtwood Smith will return for "That '90s Show," so there's a fair chance that some of the deeper cuts from the show's storied history may also pop up every once in a while. 

One such character is Melissa, Donna's (Laura Prepon) radio station colleague who appears in "That '70s Show" Season 4. It's debatable whether Melissa will return in "That '90s Show," because her storyline in the original show heavily involves Danny Masterson's Hyde, and we won't see that character in the new show. Still, the independent and intelligent Melissa would certainly be a welcome sight, should "That '90s Show" find another way to bring her back. 

If that won't be the case, though, you can always visit the actor's other work instead. To do this, let's take a look at who plays the character in "That '70s Show." 

You've likely seen and heard Reagan Gomez-Preston in many places

Melissa is played by Reagan Gomez-Preston, who has appeared in projects both big and small since 1995. Her first major role was main character Zaria Peterson in The CW's sitcom "The Parent 'Hood," starring comedian Robert Townsend. She's also appeared in the Tom Cruise classic "Jerry Maguire," and starred as Francine in the short-lived UPN sitcom "Love, Inc.," among many other roles.

Gomez-Preston is also a force to be reckoned with behind the scenes. She has written, directed and produced multiple episodes of two of her TV shows, "Surviving..." and "Almost Home." She's also working on a horror project called "Charcuterie." 

Apart from her many screen credits, you may also be familiar with Gomez-Preston's voice acting work. She voiced Roberta Tubbs in "The Cleveland Show" since Nia Long left the role after 13 episodes. She's also the voice of Beach City residents Jenny and Kiki Pizza in "Steven Universe," and voiced multiple characters in the "Rick and Morty" episode "Rick Potion #9."