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Indiana Jones 5 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

When it comes to movie franchises, few have been as successful as the "Indiana Jones" series. Altogether, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas' movies about a swashbuckling, fedora-wearing archaeologist have grossed more than $940 million at the box office, including the re-releases (via Box Office Mojo). The highest grossing of these is 2008's "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Crystal Skull," but its $317 million take has more to do with inflation and the fact that it was released in almost twice as many theaters as "The Last Crusade."

For most fans, "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull" was a disappointment. It has a not-too-bad 78% Fresh rating among the critics on Rotten Tomatoes, but among the fans it's just 52% Fresh. While it might not be such a bad film on its own, it definitely doesn't live up to the legacy of the first three films.

That already makes the stakes for "Indiana Jones 5" about as high as possible. But with star Harrison Ford turning 80 years old in 2022, and given how long "Indiana Jones" films require to make, most likely this will be the last time fans get to see Indy as we know him, or at least in the lead role. 

The good news is, "Indiana Jones 5" is definitely happening. Here's everything we know about the currently untitled film.

What is the release date for Indiana Jones 5?

As reported by Variety, "Indiana Jones 5" will premiere in theaters on June 30, 2023. This is almost a year after its most recent release date, which was July 29, 2022.

Fans of the Indiana Jones franchise have already endured multiple delays. The film was first announced in 2016 and planned for release in 2019, with both Harrison Ford attached to star and Steven Spielberg set to direct (via Deadline). After multiple script rewrites, the release date was delayed to 2021 (via Variety). When Spielberg left the project in early 2020, that and the COVID-19 pandemic caused yet another delay, to the previous 2022 release date (via The Hollywood Reporter).

The decision to push "Indiana Jones 5" back to its current release date was made in October 2021, but no reason was given for the most recent delay. The good news is, filming wrapped in February 2022, so the movie is much closer to being done (via Collider).

Who is in the cast of Indiana Jones 5?

At this point, the main cast has been announced, although there are few details about whom they'll be playing, or even what their characters' names are.

Headlining the film will be Harrison Ford. This will be his fifth time wearing the fedora. Phoebe Waller-Bridge ("Fleabag") has been cast as the female lead, although her role beyond that hasn't been specified (via Deadline). Danish star Mads Mikkelsen ("Hannibal") joined the cast in April 2021 (via Deadline). Given that he's played so many villains before, he would seem to be a good bet for that kind of role. Antonio Banderas ("Uncharted") joined the cast two months later (via Deadline).

Otherwise, the cast is rounded out by Thomas Kretschmann ("The Pianist"), Boyd Holbrook ("Black Panther"), Shaunette Renée Wilson ("The Predator"), and Toby Jones ("The Hunger Games") (via IMDb). Most likely, more information on their roles will be available in the coming months.

What is the plot of Indiana Jones 5?

At this point, no plot details have been announced, so it's not clear which fantastical artifact Indy might be chasing this time around, which specific villain(s) will try to stop him, or whether someone from Indy's personal life will be involved (likely). At best, all we can do is piece together a vague idea of the story based on what little information has been released.

Set photos showed what looked like a battle between Roman soldiers. If some of the film does take place during the Roman Empire, it's possible the plot will involve time travel. The Indiana Jones franchise has included many fantastical elements, so time travel can't be ruled out (via Digital Spy).

A video from the North Yorkshire Moors railway in England showed some of the shooting sets from the film, including vehicles and props that indicate Nazis will once again be the villains (via YouTube). That would seem to indicate that some of the film will take place before 1945. However, another sequence takes place in 1960's New York City, with one scene recreating the 1969 parade for the Apollo 11 astronauts (via Herald Scotland).

With time travel on the table, jumping to all these different time periods is definitely possible. Otherwise, we'll have to wait until closer to 2023 to get more information.