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The Subtle Kim Detail In Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 5 That Has Fans Buzzing

Contains spoilers for "Better Call Saul" Season 6, Episode 5

"Breaking Bad" prequel series, "Better Call Saul," is currently running its 6th and final season. The series, which centers on Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) ultimately becoming Saul Goodman, will air its series finale in the fall, but not before taking a mid-season break after May 23, 2022. And that might be a blessing in disguise, as given the intensity of Season 6 so far, we could all probably use a moment to catch our breaths. This season has already thrown out devastating twists, failed assassinations, and teases of revenge.

Episode 5 of "Better Call Saul" certainly didn't pull any punches. And that could be said literally, as Jimmy got involved in a boxing match for the aptly titled "Black And Blue." Yet besides some unexpected fisticuffs, the latest episode of "Better Call Saul" also had fans on the edge of their seats because of a suspenseful scene involving Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton). But another clever moment from the episode may have also left shocked mouths agape. Eagle-eyed viewers couldn't help but notice a subtle Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) detail in the episode, and that detail has them buzzing.

Fans think Kim's clock is a clue about her lying to Saul

During a scene in "Black And Blue," Kim is awake roughly around 3 a.m., worrying about the fact that Lalo is still alive. In the previous episode, Kim learned from Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) that the attempted hit on him failed. That terrifying thought is not only enough to cost her a night of rest, but it also causes her to block her door with furniture, just in case Lalo unexpectedly comes knocking. The scene might foreshadow more tumultuous things to come for her and Jimmy, but it's a shot of Kim's digital clock that fans couldn't help but notice. The time reads a bright red-lettered "3:17." However, fans on Twitter and Reddit highlighted that when read from a different angle, the particular time also looks like the word "Lie."

As some fans on Reddit noted, the shot of the clock suggests that it's mainly about Kim not telling Jimmy about Lalo still being alive, despite having an opportunity to do so. Fans couldn't help but excitedly praise the potential symbolic shot. u/Corg505 posted, "Digital alarm clock, but this was yet more fantastic foreshadowing by the writers." And on Twitter, @smimik11 believes the shot isn't a coincidence, as they wrote, "Everything is intentional!!!" As the season continues, we'll have to wait for the official word if the time shot was genuinely done on purpose. But it wouldn't be far-fetched if it is, since "Better Call Saul" is full of so many small details that only the most hardcore probably notice.