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Rogue Legacy 2: How To Complete The Matters In Red Insight Quest

"Rogue Legacy 2," the sequel to the 2013 indie hit "Rogue Legacy," reached its 1.0 launch and is now available on PC and Xbox. While players on PS4 and PS5 will have to wait and see if the game comes to those platforms, others have begun deep diving into the roguelite. While modern roguelikes like "Hades" and "Dead Cells" featured fast-paced combat focused on combos and quick movement, "Rogue Legacy" plays more like "Castlevania" with slower movement and less precision.

After unlocking a relic that allows you to hear memories in "Rogue Legacy 2," you can begin collecting Insight quests. These quests usually provide a clue on how to solve their core puzzle, which grants a reward when completed. Some of these Insights are necessary to access boss fights while others are optional. Here's how to complete the Matters in Red Insight quest in "Rogue Legacy 2."

Find the right cliff in the Kerguelen Plateau

Upon defeating the boss in Axis Mundi, players will gain access to a new biome: the Kerguelen Plateau. Once in this area, players need to get the Aether's Wings Heirloom before moving on to the Matters in Red Insight. The Heirloom unlocks the Double Jump ability, which you'll need to progress.

Players can trigger the Matters in Red Insight by finding multiple memories in the Kerguelen Plateau, which are mostly hidden behind trick walls. Once you've uncovered it, make your way to the teleporter on the biome's first screen and look for the small raised area on the ground to the right. If you stand in this divot, you can look up and spot a small ledge on the nearby cliffside. Using the double jump, platform up and to the right until you end up in a spot offscreen. Use the interact button to reveal another memory, which will complete the Insight.

Finishing the Matters in Red Insight grants an affinity bonus of 15% extra damage against Estuary Naamah, the main boss of the Kerguelen Plateau.