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Dirty Dancing Is Getting A Sequel With Its Original Star

If you grew up in the '90s or had TNT in the last two decades, you are likely very familiar with the romantic coming-of-age film "Dirty Dancing." The film stars the late greats Patrick Swayze and Jerry Orbach, along with Jennifer Grey, Kelly Bishop, and Cynthia Rhodes. Since its release in 1987, it has been a film that refuses to die or even fade from the forefront of the audience's minds. And that is about to intensify as fans of the movie just got the news they've been waiting three decades for.

Set in 1963, "Dirty Dancing" follows the free-spirited teenager, Baby (Grey), as she goes on one more summer vacation with her parents (Orbach and Bishop) before leaving for the Peace Corps. While at an uppity resort, her parents disapprove of her cavorting with Johnny (Swayze), a dancer from the other side of the tracks hired to entertain the guests. Throughout her stay, Baby transforms from a shy and hesitant teenager to a confident woman dancing on stage, empowered by her love for the man bringing her out of her shell.

Whether it was the forbidden romance or the undertones of female empowerment (combined with Baby's rebelling against the expectations her parents have for her and the commentary on abortion), the movie has endured for 35 years by being more than a romance (via DW). At the recent Lionsgate panel at CinemaCon, fans got some big sequel news.

Jennifer Grey will return as Baby

Nowadays, a movie with as many iconic moments as "Dirty Dancing" has would be a shoo-in for a sequel. But it wasn't until 2020, 33 years after its release, that there was a report of a sequel (via Deadline). However, after the announcement, there was very little information about the follow-up until this year's CinemaCon. As reported by Collider, Lionsgate presented a clip of the original movie with a voiceover announcing the return of Jennifer Grey. She will reprise her role as Francis "Baby" Houseman.

Grey has done plenty in Hollywood other than her breakout role in "Dirty Dancing," but a return to her iconic part begs the question of what it could mean. At the age of 62, we likely won't see her reenacting her legendary lift on the dancefloor. She could possibly play the mother of a rebellious teen much like she was in the first film, which would set up a great moment for the amazing Kelly Bishop to return. The two women could also bond over the common grief over losing their husbands, as Jerry Orbach and Patrick Swayze have long since passed on.

No matter what this movie will bring, fans are likely just going to be happy to see the return of their favorite childhood character. 35 years after she taught them to be their authentic selves regardless of the expectations placed on them by others, Grey will once again get the opportunity to remind fans to have the time of their lives.