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The AHS: Asylum Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Along with other contemporary horror series like "Black Mirror," "American Horror Story" is responsible for renewing audience interest in modern anthology series. From the haunted house plotline of Season 1's "Murder House" to the split-season premise of the most recent "Double Feature," the FX TV show has been a staple since 2011.

As fans of Ryan Murphy's popular horror series surely know, "American Horror Story's" unique settings are especially entertaining, with each season taking on a new locale and historical era. This tradition first began with Season 2's "Asylum," which transports viewers back to 1960s Massachusetts and introduces them to some of the series' most memorable characters, such as the dedicated journalist Lana Winters, and Sister Jude Martin, the head nun of Briarcliff Manor.

Given how distinct each character on "Asylum" is, certain people featured in the season perfectly embody astrological signs. Some of these characters represent the more positive aspects of the zodiac; others (like the season's villains), the more negative traits. Are you curious to see which "Asylum" character you are based on your astrological sign? The descriptions below will tell you.  

Aries: Lana Winters

The first sign of the zodiac, Aries are defined by their desire to win. They are driven, competitive, headstrong, and known for trying to be the absolute best at whatever activity they commit themselves to. Rather than balking at challenges, they throw themselves into issues headfirst, ambitiously but wholeheartedly believing themselves capable of coming out on top. Such is the personality of Lana Winters, one of the main characters of "Asylum." An intrepid reporter in a field dominated by dismissive men, Lana longs to prove herself by gaining the respect of her peers and the attention of her readers. However, she isn't entirely fame-obsessed, genuinely trying to do good by revealing the truth behind her stories — such as what's really going on inside Briarcliff.

To get the inside scoop, Lana bravely attempts to stay after hours at Briarcliff to secure an interview with Kit (whom she falsely believes to be the serial killer "Bloody Face"). Unfortunately, Lana underestimates the administration of the mental institute and finds herself committed to the asylum. This is classic Aries: the sign tends to be impulsive and hotheaded, not fully comprehending risks before pressing ahead. This trait can also be seen when she nearly kills Thredson out of anger, not realizing that she and Kit need him alive to clear Kit's name.

As mentioned by Co-Star, "Aries are often the cause of their own turmoil," something that can certainly be seen with Lana. If she'd kept a safe distance and never probed too deeply into Briarcliff's happenings, she would never have encountered "Bloody Face" or been subjected to inhumane treatment at Briarcliff. Unfortunately, Lana is never one to back down from a challenge, leading her down a path of suffering. Like a true Aries, though, Lana ends up overcoming the odds, achieving fame and recognition in her career and triumphing over Thredson and her estranged son, Johnny Morgan.

Taurus: Kit Walker

Taureans crave stability. Described as the human equivalent to moss (unmoving and thriving off stable, singular settings), members of this Earth sign are happy to live their lives in quiet, mundane domesticity, not craving attention like Aries. Take them out of their cozy living space, and Taureans are thrown into a state of confusion. It's these two qualities that are best represented in Kit Walker, one of the main protagonists in "Asylum." Kit is very much a homebody, content with his mundane, small-town lifestyle with his wife, Alma.

After Alma is abducted by aliens and Kit is mistaken for the serial killer "Bloody Face," Kit is predictably and understandably frazzled at these unexpected new circumstances. Though he struggles at first to accept the reality of his situation, he eventually copes with his placement within Briarcliff and begins planning ways to escape and clear his name. This is another key characteristic of a Taurean. They think clearly, calmly, and strategically, allowing them to assess their situation and begin working out ways to solve their problems.

Working closely with Lana and Grace, Kit is the glue that holds the inmates together. He's a source of dependability and stability who doesn't let his emotions dictate his actions, as Lana is wont to do (he even stops Lana from killing Thredson, knowing he'll need him alive to prove Kit's innocence). This is, of course, a hallmark of Taurean personalities: acting rationally and deliberately, rather than impulsively. 

Gemini: Dr. Oliver Thredson

Dr. Oliver Thredson initially appears in "Asylum" as arguably one of the most likable and sympathetic characters of the whole season. A court-appointed psychiatrist newly arrived to Briarcliff, he disapproves of Sister Jude and Dr. Arden's perverse and severe methods of treatment, favoring a more humane approach. His calm, rational mind is what eventually leads Lana to believe she has found a close ally who will understand her predicament and help her. Though Thredson initially appears as a helpful and close confidante to Lana — smuggling her out of Briarcliff under the nuns' noses — he soon reveals that his outwardly friendly persona is merely a front and that he is actually the psychopathic, masked killer known as "Bloody Face."

A key trait of Geminis is their pronounced intelligence. They possess keen minds and charming personalities — likable, analytical, and always probing into new subjects that they find interesting. Given his choice to go into psychiatric studies, these traits are evident in Thredson. His intelligence is evident even after he reveals he's an unhinged, sadistic serial killer. Further evidence of Thredson's cleverness can also be found in how long he's evaded law enforcement, even framing Kit to throw the police off his trail.

Geminis are known for being able to quickly sum up a person based on their initial interaction alone, an ability that would come in handy as a psychiatrist. They can blend in with a crowd, which lends further credence to Thredson's identity as a secret, unsuspected serial killer. Symbolized by The Twins, Geminis like Thredson are essentially two people wrapped in one. Co-Star writes, "They try to present themselves as airtight entities, a permanent vessel to hold all their contradictions, but their apparition will always be at odds with itself." Their biggest fear is being alone, which can also be seen in Thredson's mental issues over his mother's abandonment, and the twisted attachment he forms to Lana, whom he views as his "new" mother.

Cancer: Monsignor Timothy Howard

Monsignor Timothy Howard is a double-sided coin. Outwardly, he appears to be the caring, benevolent director of Briarcliff — someone who cares for the well-being of his patients and who genuinely wishes to help them overcome their mental issues. Inwardly, however, the Monsignor is a hypocrite, someone who claims to care about others but whose main concern is himself. He's willing to do anything in order to elevate his social status and rise through the ranks of the Church, with his aspiration to one day become the next pope. Multiple times throughout "Asylum," viewers see Howard committing or turning a blind eye to cruelty. He is active in taking down the Devil, but his incessant self-interest fails to redeem him from all the terrible things he's done in the past for the sake of his career.

Cancers are complex, known for their emotions, sensitivity, and their desire to help others. Like their symbol, the Crab—which can move on land and in water—they are great at moving between planes of existence, whether material or ethereal (which can be applied to Howard's dual responsibilities as monsignor and administrator of Briarcliff, or his physical presence in the world and his deep religious beliefs). Cancers are also known for trying to keep old traditions alive, an example of this being Howard's desire to continue the traditions of the church. They love hearing old stories (such as those from the Bible, in Howard's case), and enjoy believing that they are part of something bigger than themselves — again, something that can be applied to Howard's ambition to one day become the head of the church.

All signs have their flaws. For Cancers, their main issues are an inability to see outside their own viewpoints and a tendency to embellish the truth. "When it comes to Cancer's lies, it's more about exaggeration and their inability to see the true version of events," writes Your Tango. Such is the case with Howard — someone who lies because he's truly unable to see others' viewpoints, and believes his to be the true or "correct" recollection of the past. Howard believes himself to be a divine savior who can usher in a new era for the church, with his actions justified as being "for the greater good." Only when he's challenged by a perspective other than his own do his flaws become apparent, resulting in his suicide at the end of "Asylum," when Lana exposes his problematic past to everyone.

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Leo: Sister Mary Eunice McKee

Sister Mary Eunice McKee has easily one of the most tragic stories out of any character in "Asylum." Introduced as the assistant to the far more stern Sister Jude, Sister Mary Eunice is an innocent, naïve, good-natured nun who holds optimistic views about the church, the hospital, and everyone staffing Briarcliff. She is one of the few staff members who is a friend to both Sister Jude and her chief rival, Dr. Arden. Before long, though, Satan possesses Sister Mary Eunice, which alters her personality from shy and introverted to devious, cruel, and power-hungry. Under the control of Satan, she begins plotting to take over the hospital, happily murdering anyone in her path—patients and staff members alike—to do so.

Given her drastic personality change halfway through the season, Sister Mary Eunice is a somewhat difficult character to assign to one astrological sign. However, it's likely that the closest her character comes to embodying one would be Leo. This Fire sign is known for being warm, loving, and caring, much like Mary Eunice in the first few episodes of "Asylum." They are also natural showboats easily spotted for their flamboyant personalities. This can especially be seen with Mary Eunice after her possession, when she takes on a much bolder, more complex personality, manipulating numerous people and hiding behind her meek appearance.

A Leo's main desire is to be the center of attention. They have a reputation for bragging and being overly talkative, which can be applied to Mary Eunice, who constantly flaunts her victories over her enemies, like Sister Jude and the Monsignor, whom she actively tries to corrupt. Like the Satan-controlled Mary Eunice, Leos hate to be ordered around, and will usually lash out at whoever is attempting to take charge of them.

Virgo: Sister Jude Martin

In many ways, Sister Jude is the complete opposite of someone like Dr. Thredson. Originally, she appears in "Asylum" as the strict, authoritarian nun in charge of Briarcliff — someone who rules the hospital with an iron fist and derives joy from subjecting patients to unusually humiliating treatment methods. Over time, however, audiences see that Sister Jude is actually a far more caring person than she appears to be. In the end, she is far more sympathetic and loving than any of her fellow, seemingly benign staff members like Thredson or the Monsignor.

Virgos are every bit as complicated as Sister Jude is. Stern and taciturn, they like things a certain way — their way. Clean freaks at heart, they're willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure things are done properly. They focus their efforts outwards, trying to help others instead of helping themselves. Above all else, they want to be useful. This is a core characteristic not only of Virgos but also of Sister Jude. As we learn through flashbacks, Jude was once a successful nightclub singer who killed a young girl in a drunken car accident. Guilt-ridden over the girl's death, Jude pledges her life to helping others through the church, genuinely believing her cause to be just and her methods — though cruel — to be justified by her noble intentions. "They feel productive by contributing to something larger than themselves. This is how they derive self-worth," says Co-Star.

Unorthodox in how they tackle challenges, Virgos frequently spread themselves too thin, feeling they can accomplish everything at once. Lacking the ability to look inwards at their own faults, they can be somewhat harsh when it comes to how they view others. However, since Virgos are selfless, they are hypercritical not because they wish to be hurtful, but because they are genuinely concerned with helping others improve themselves. As Co-Star describes Virgos, they are "judgmental, but with good intentions," which perfectly sums up Jude's character.

Libra: Grace Bertrand

Libras are every bit as nuanced as their representative character, Grace Bertrand. Her father sexually abused her when she was young, and her mother pressured her not to tell anyone about it. In response to her parents' continuous abuse and neglect, Grace kills them both. She is institutionalized because no one — including her step-sister — believes her side of the story. Years later, Grace grows close to new arrival Kit Walker, forming a close friendship with him that eventually blossoms into romance and later, after they're both free from Briarcliff, a polygamous marriage with Alma.

A telltale sign of a Libra is a kind heart. Full of empathy and understanding, they love helping people, going out of their way to assist others. However, they are also plagued by indecisiveness and negative thoughts. These traits are all found in Grace, who has spent so much time in Briarcliff that she's accepted that escape is impossible. Even when she knows escape is uncertain, though, she still attempts trying to help Kit find a way to leave any way she can.

Like Grace, a Libra's ultimate fear is being alone. Isolation is torture for them, and so they put a lot of value in what others think of them. They also attempt to compensate for internal negative thoughts by exhibiting as much of a positive outward attitude as they can muster. This might be most clearly seen through Grace's marriage to Alma and Kit. Alma, who's recently been returned to Earth after being abducted by aliens, fears she will once again be kidnapped by the extraterrestrials, but Grace embraces this possibility, viewing her own time with the aliens as an almost spiritual experience.

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Scorpio: Dr. Arthur Arden

Scorpios value intellect above all else. Intelligent, crafty, and curious, they are the natural scientists of life — doctors, psychologists, and researchers pushing the boundaries of science as far as they can. They are typically thought of as one of the darker, more mysterious signs. 

Knowing that, it's probably unsurprising that we're classifying Dr. Arthur Arden as a Scorpio. A former Nazi scientist who experimented on children in concentration camps, Arden is one of the most unsympathetic and irredeemably evil characters in "Asylum." After World War 2, the war criminal shed his old identity as Hans Gruber (his birth name) and became Arthur Arden, the main physician at Briarcliff, who continues his insidious practices on any patient unfortunate enough to end up in his lab.

Though Arden is quite simply an amoral sociopath, the zodiac sign is far more complex. Still, the character and the sign share several traits. Scorpios — like Arden — pride themselves on rationality and reason rather than superstition. They believe in facts and are perpetually driven to learn more about any subject they find interesting. Like Arden, Scorpios are withdrawn and aloof. They are used to looking at people from more of an analytical than an emotional perspective. Many Scorpios have a fatalistic view of the world, seeing it as a ruthless place where only the strongest survive. This is also illustrated by Arden's dedication to his genetic experiments, which he sees as being the next evolutionary step for mankind.

Scorpios are also unique in that they don't have a fear of death, viewing it as an inevitable certainty and confronting that truth head-on. An example of this can be found in Arden's fervent atheism and his dismissive view of the church and religion entirely. Their absolute biggest fear is vulnerability. When they show their inner emotion, Scorpios believe others will see them as weak. As Co-Star puts it, "When they open up, it gives other people power over them, and Scorpios need to be in control." To compensate for this, they hide their feelings, rarely exposing themselves to others. This is certainly the case for Dr. Arden. The only person toward whom he feels any affection is Mary Eunice, but he actively maintains an emotional distance from her. 

Sagittarius: Shachath: The Angel of Death

Shachath is one of the most enigmatic characters to ever appear on "American Horror Story." Little is known about her, save for the fact that she is a supernatural being who personifies death. Appearing as "American Horror Story's" version of the Grim Reaper, Shachath will manifest to anyone who is on the verge of death, offering them the choice of either accepting her kiss and moving on from life or continuing to live. A benevolent, kindly spirit who appears in the guise of an elderly woman, Shachath ushers several characters into the afterlife in "Asylum," including Grace, Sister Jude, and Sister Mary Eunice, the latter of whom she is connected with as a result of the Devil's possession (it's revealed that Shachath and Satan are actually cousins).

Compared to other zodiac signs, Sagittarians are limitless. They pride themselves on their desire to get out and explore, rarely confining themselves to one place for very long. Adventurers in every sense of the word, they are always on the move, and derive most of their worldview from everything they see and experience on their travels. Being a spiritual deity, it's hard to place any label on Shachath. As the Angel of Death, though, she never stays in one place, likely appearing all over the globe at any given moment.

Sagittarians are usually described as being "big picture" people. When they set their sights on a singular goal, they dedicate themselves entirely to it, not stopping to look around or take in the smaller, more subtle moments that make up everyday life. This is another trait that can be applied to Shachath, who is always concerned with her primary task: namely, whether the person she appears before wants to leave their physical body behind and venture into the great beyond. 

Capricorn: Johnny Morgan

The son of Dr. Oliver Thredson and Lana Winters through sexual assault, Johnny Morgan never had a chance to be normal. Disowned by Lana and given up for adoption as a child, Morgan grew up his father's son, taking up the mantle of the serial killer "Bloody Face" as a result and murdering dozens of people (women, in particular). A misogynist with severe parental issues, Morgan never got over his mother's abandonment of him or her murdering his father, whom he views as being the only person who ever loved him. Seeking revenge against Lana, he comes close to murdering her before she turns the tables, shooting her estranged son in the head and thereby ending the careers of not one, but two separate "Bloody Face" killers.

In his own twisted way, Johnny Morgan displays qualities and values that are paramount for Capricorns. Masters of discipline, they are able to donate significant stretches of time to achieving their goals (very similar to how many years it takes Johnny to confront Lana). Noted for their severe self-criticism, Capricorns are perfectionists who are never content when they finish a job. Their biggest personality flaw is their need to prove themselves, as seen with Johnny's commitment to carry on his father's legacy as Bloody Face so that he "can be proud" of Johnny.

Emotionally repressed, Capricorns' own worst enemies are themselves. They're constantly pushing themselves to the limit, never satisfied with anything less than stellar. They constantly seek praise from others to ensure their own self-worth, deriving satisfaction from knowing they did a job well done. These are all qualities that fit Johnny Morgan — someone who despises himself for what he is, but who is unable to fully combat his own insecurities.

Aquarius: Shelley

No sign is more free-spirited than Aquarius. Although they thrive in large groups, Aquarians are self-imposed outcasts, almost always going against the grain. Aquarians enjoy surprising people and living on the fringes. So long as they are the black sheep in a group, they are content knowing that they're one of a kind. As Co-Star puts it, "They sometimes ask, 'Why can't I be normal?' but in reality, they find normalcy boring, and they stake their self worth on their ability to be interesting. They want to be unknowable."

Traits like these most directly apply to Shelley, a nymphomaniac inmate at Briarcliff who developed sexual feelings at a very young age. Shelley grew up used to being an outcast, with everyone looking down on her or seeing her as abnormal because of her sexual maturity and promiscuity. Rather than feeling ashamed because of this, Shelley takes pride in her alleged nymphomania, seeing it as a unique trait that makes her what she is: fierce and brave. To her, rules regarding sex are boring, with Sister Jude's domineering attempts to get her to give up her sexual habits a direct attempt to take away Shelley's identity. If she were normal, she'd be just like everyone else — an Aquarian's worst nightmare.

Aquarians want people to notice them, find them intriguing, and recognize that they're not like other people. This definitely fits into Shelley's character. In spite of her flirtatious nature and supposed promiscuity, she really just wants attention and acceptance. Thankfully, she finds her place in a group when she becomes friends and allies with Kit, Lana, and Grace, helping them plan escapes and going out of her way to put herself at risk in order to help her newfound friends.

Pisces: Pepper

The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is also the wisest — they've had the chance to absorb the knowledge and lessons of every sign before them, and have had a chance to learn and grow as a result. Symbolized by two fish, they sometimes have trouble distinguishing fact from fantasy, living in dream worlds where their imagination runs amok. These traits can be seen in Pepper, an inmate of Briarcliff who has microcephaly and who was institutionalized at the asylum after being falsely accused of killing her sister's baby (in reality, her sister and brother-in-law committed the act and framed Pepper for it).

Pepper is one of the most loving and compassionate characters in the entirety of "Asylum." Initially, she appears to possess low intelligence, lacking the ability to form sentences. After she is returned to Earth following her alien abduction, she appears far more expressive and intelligent, forming complex sentences and mentally matching the wits of Dr. Arden and Dr. Thredson.

Love and loyalty are two characteristics that Pepper holds dear. A natural companion, Pepper is a friend to everyone she meets, most especially Sister Jude and Grace, the latter of whom she looks after when the aliens return them to Earth. As with Pisceans, it's difficult to know exactly what's going inside Pepper's head even after her mental transformation. She and Pisceans both live in a world beyond normal comprehension — a whimsical world of fantasy accessible only to them, much like the innocent playfulness Pepper displays even amid such grim settings as Briarcliff. Incredibly intuitive, they're able to read a room and understand deeper truths before anyone else can.  Pepper displays this trait when she knows about Thredson's alternative life as "Bloody Face" and calls him evil to his face long before anyone else.