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Which Celebrity Has Hosted SNL The Most?

"Saturday Night Live" has brought its own specific brand of late-night humor to our TVs since 1975. In the show's 47 seasons and counting, the number of celebrity guest hosts and top-selling musical guests who have performed the show is astonishing. There are a few things about "SNL" that can never change — it wouldn't be the same show if a popular face in Hollywood wasn't sweating bullets while delivering their first monologue. Or, if surprise guests didn't make hilarious cameos from time to time, whether it's in sketches or in the audience. 

However, "SNL" has stood the test of time because of its ability to adapt. The cast lineup is always changing, they're always experimenting with new bits, and they're always trying to attract a new pool of viewers. Throughout the decades of the show's history, a few people have been able to pivot with the show and keep it a major part of their careers. 

The five-timers club on "SNL" is well known — it's the pool of celebrities who have had the honor of hosting at least five times. The list includes major faces like Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, and John Goodman, to name a few. There is one Hollywood A-lister, though, who has hosted "SNL" more than the rest thanks to their memorable appearances on the show.

Alec Baldwin has hosted SNL 17 times

Alec Baldwin, who's known for countless films like "The Departed" and "The Aviator," has hosted "Saturday Night Live" a total of 17 times, which is more than any other person (via NBC News). If 17 seems low, it's also because the "30 Rock" actor has had dozens and dozens of cameos, particularly for his impersonations of characters from Al Pacino to Tony Bennett. He's arguably best known for portraying former President Donald Trump during the 2016 election and his term in office, nabbing him an Emmy Award in 2017 (via Forbes). 

Baldwin first hosted the show back in 1990, so he's essentially been a de facto member of the cast in the decades that have followed. Outside of his Trump impersonations, his "SNL" career is marked by hilarious skits that still hold up today, like 1998's "Schweddy Balls" or 1990's "Brenda the Waitress." Behind Baldwin, Steve Martin has hosted the show 15 times (including four season premieres; the most of any host) and John Goodman has hosted 13 times.