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The Curse Of Oak Island Cast Member With The Most Episode Appearances After The Lagina Brothers

History Channel's "The Curse of Oak Island" has been on the air since 2014, and since then, there's been quite a collection of people and personalities to come and go on the treasure hunting series. Of course, there's the Lagina brothers — Marty and Rick — as well as all of the historians and helpers who've shown up over the years. Now in their 9th season, the group is quickly approaching the 165-episode mark. Which makes you wonder, who's actually appeared in the most "Curse of Oak Island" episodes?

Obviously, if we were to look at everyone who's appeared on the show since its debut, the Laginas would be the undisputed titleholders for most episode appearances — with Marty being credited for 135 episodes and Rick for 134 (via IMDb). The brothers have each been at the forefront of "The Curse of Oak Island" since the beginning, with the show's tagline being "NOTHING WILL STOP THEM." But if we eliminate the main stars of "The Curse of Oak Island" from the episode appearance conversation altogether, someone else would hold the title.

Oak Island historian Charles Barkhouse has the most episode appearances after the Laginas

According to IMDb, historian and producer Charles Barkhouse has appeared in the most "Curse of Oak Island" episodes when you exclude the Laginas. So far, he's been credited for 129.

Throughout his time on the show, Barkhouse served as both an on-screen expert and production manager, helping to pull the strings behind the scenes as well. When he's not on "Curse of Oak Island," the history buff has been known to also give local tours through the Friends of Oak Island Society group. "Charles Barkhouse is the treasure of Oak Island!" reads a review on Tripadvisor. Other reviews have praised Barkhouse for having an impressive knowledge of the ins and outs of Oak Island and for eagerly sharing this knowledge to the people who go on his tours. 

According to IMDb, the person with the next most appearances after Barkhouse is Jack Begley, a treasure hunter and producer with 127 episode credits. Begley has also shown up in Season 9, which is expected to wrap up in May 2022.