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The Hilarious Way The Curse Of Oak Island Affects Real-Life Tourism

When you think of the reality television genre, you probably don't think of treasure hunting. However, "The Curse of Oak Island" follows brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they attempt to uncover long-buried treasure on the mysterious island off the shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

From researching the historical artifacts they uncover to theorizing about the alleged curse that guards the still-hidden riches, the brothers and their crew of modern-day treasure hunters have documented their journey on Oak Island since 2014. Many viewers have grown skeptical about how genuine the series is — increasingly so as experts in related fields voice their criticism over everything from safety protocols to the origins of the curse.

Regardless of whether their search is authentic or scripted, fans of "The Curse of Oak Island" can't help but remain invested in the long-running series. Their devotion to the show has even impacted tourism on Oak Island — but not how you'd expect.

Wait, where is Oak Island?

Fans of "The Curse of Oak Island" often reach out to the show's cast to share their theories about where to locate the treasure or to gush about how much they enjoy watching the series. However, many have confused the show's location with a town that's a 13-hour flight away.

While the show takes place on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, some fans wind up contacting people in Oak Island, North Carolina. The U.S. town's communication manager Michael Emory spoke with Star News Online about the mix-up, explaining that many fans reach out via their tourism website. It happens so often that he's created a disclaimer that reads: "PLEASE NOTE: you have contacted the Town of Oak Island; which is a coastal town in southeastern North Carolina, in the United States."

Emory joked about using the confusion to promote tourism in his hometown, telling the outlet he should brand it as "Oak Island – the non-cursed one."

Fortunately, he hasn't heard of any tourists who accidentally make the journey to the East Coast town thinking they'll be able to scope out locations from the show.