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The Ultimate Lindsay Monroe Episode Of CSI: NY

As a crime scene investigator on the CBS police procedural "CSI: NY," Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap) is the kind of detective who brings a unique, small-town perspective to her crime-solving work in the Big Apple. Known for being particularly keen-eyed when it comes to picking up on overlooked clues, Monroe also has a reputation for employing enthusiastic demonstrations to illustrate her forensic theories to her colleagues — a habit that occasionally results in some friendly ribbing from her bemused co-workers (via CSI.Fandom.com).

However, there is most definitely more to this character than her observational skills and over-the-top demonstrations. Born in Bozeman, Montana, Monroe's early upbringing in a less-than-teeming metropolis instills a variety of personality traits that later inform her life as a big-city police detective. For example, Monroe is often especially responsive to any victim from a rural environment, feeling an immediate empathy for those unfamiliar with the city's often-intimidating major-metropolitan ways. Notably, Monroe's humble Montana beginnings also lead to what could be considered her ultimate episode of "CSI: NY."

Lindsay Monroe testified against someone from her past

In "CSI: NY" Season 3, Episode 14 ("The Lying Game"), Lindsay Monroe tells her colleagues about a traumatic experience she endured while still in grade school. According to Monroe, she was the sole survivor of a mass shooting perpetrated by a man named Daniel Katums (Jason Dibler). In the aftermath of the event, Monroe reports suffering from a great deal of survivor's guilt and P.T.S.D., both of which are surely aggravated by Katums' subsequent escape.

Four episodes later, in Season 3, Episode 18 ("Sleight Out of Hand"), Monroe learns that Katums has been arrested after a whole decade spent evading the police. Because Monroe is the only witness able to place Katums at the scene of the crime, she is asked to take the stand at his trial. Unfortunately, even after 10 years, the emotional trauma from the incident leaves Monroe struggling to follow through with her testimony. 

However, just as the judge is about to dismiss the charges, Detective Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo), Monroe's fellow detective and close friend, arrives in the courtroom, providing her with the proper support she needs. In response, Monroe finds the courage to complete her testimony, and Katums is convicted. Ultimately, Monroe's ability to rise to the challenge of overcoming one of her greatest fears makes this her ultimate episode of "CSI: NY."