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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 16 Scene That Went Too Far

After dominating the zombie apocalypse genre for more than a decade, AMC's "The Walking Dead" is down to just eight episodes. It is hardly the end for the franchise, with spin-off after spin-off set to follow, but Season 11 is huge for long-time fans curious to know where the survivors wind up.

Episode 16, "Acts of God," sets the stage for a showdown of biblical proportions between the Commonwealth and anyone who hasn't pledged their allegiance to the militarized community. An ominous swarm of locusts descends on the increasingly splintered groups as they prepare for the upcoming battle, with Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohan) leading the way for the people of Hilltop and Riverbend.

The day-one survivor makes amends with her former rival, Negan Smith (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), only to find herself at the mercy of another enemy, who is back and more bloodthirsty than ever. Their brutal confrontation offers one of the best fight sequences "The Walking Dead" has seen in a long time, but one aspect of the scene went so far that it didn't make much sense.

Why did Leah wait to kill Maggie?

After the unexpected return of Leah Shaw (Lynn Collins), fans of "The Walking Dead" knew that Maggie was in trouble. Commonwealth Deputy Governor Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) hires the vengeful former Reaper to assassinate their shared enemy, but she goes rogue. Leah captures Maggie, but instead of killing her right away, knocks her unconscious and ties her up in a cabin.

Fans on the show's subreddit were confused by this choice, which ultimately led to her demise at the hands of former ally Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). Given their back-and-forth history of destroying one another's lives, it would seem like the obvious move for Leah would be to end things as soon as possible. By dragging it out, she risked her shot at revenge and lost the upper hand.

On the discussion thread for "Acts of God," fans were quick to point out that Leah, a highly-trained soldier, shouldn't have messed up Maggie's restraints. "Leah literally has ALL NIGHT to tie Maggie up, Maggie manages to get out of the ropes, as she's watching her, in under 2 minutes, only for Daryl to... wait for it... SAVE THE DAY!" wrote u/gypsiefeet.

"She should have gotten Lydia to help tie the knot, since she's really good at it from when she helped Aaron out of the flooded basement," joked u/Drunk_Sorting_Hat, recalling another scene that left fans confused.

The fight that breaks out between Maggie and Leah may have been exciting, but the circumstances leading up to it were too far-fetched for some fans.