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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Confirms What We Suspected About Glenn's Shocking Death

In the span of "The Walking Dead," there is no bigger villain than Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan. While Season 3 and 4's villain, the Governor, was certainly nefarious, Negan struck at the heart of what the fans held dear. The leader of the Saviors was instrumental in the deaths of many beloved characters, including Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun). This scene, considered to be one of the most brutal of the show, would not have happened without Negan.

Both Glenn and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) are killed after Rick continues to rebel against Negan's claim. Many believe this scene goes too far with the viciousness used against the characters. Negan takes his iconic bat and kills them violently with it — in front of their loved ones. Morgan has played many morally gray characters in the past, and his excitement was tangible when he spoke about taking the role of Negan at PasCon 2015. But even after five years, Glenn's death was so vicious that Morgan has spoken out about it.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan sides with fans about Glenn

Fans are not the only ones who were traumatized by Glenn's demise. In an interview with Insider, Jeffrey Dean Morgan expressed his disagreement with the decision to kill off Glenn in the Season 7 premiere. "I wouldn't have killed Glenn," Morgan confessed. "Yeah. That was probably a bad decision."

As unpopular as it was, this decision was not entirely driven by the creative forces of "The Walking Dead." Anyone who has read Robert Kirkman's graphic novel is aware that Glenn does not have a happy ending in the comics either. In fact, his death is just as brutal (via Digital Spy). Since then, Negan has become a popular, if complex, character, having found some redemption by the end of Season 9, although the repercussions of his actions still resonate, especially with Glenn's widow, Maggie. Meanwhile, Season 11 continues to give the character depth and understanding, even if he committed the worst crimes in the show's history.