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Kung Fu's Shannon Dang Hints At What's Coming Up For Althea In Season 2 - Exclusive

This article contains a reference to sexual assault.

Only half of the second season of "Kung Fu" has aired so far, and already, Shannon Dang's Althea Shen — big sister to main character Nicky (Olivia Liang), newlywed, and tech extraordinaire — has been through a lot. After tying the knot at the end of last season, she went back to work at a company that didn't share her values, so she quickly quit and started her own venture that she plans to use to create an app that will bring communities together. Her beloved car, Clementine, was stolen, leading to her first marital spat with her husband, Dennis (Tony Chung). And after being sexually assaulted by her boss in Season 1, she once again encountered him at a bar, bringing up old emotions she thought she'd already dealt with.

Meanwhile, she and her family are heavily invested in Nicky's quest to thwart the evil plans of the enigmatic Russell Tan (Kee Chan), who is not only making moves that could negatively impact their city of San Francisco, but he's also after their cousin Mia (Vanessa Yao). With so much going on, Althea will have even more obstacles to handle in the remainder of the season than she has so far. In an interview with Looper, Dang teased what we can expect for Althea as Season 2 continues.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

Season 2 brings highs and lows for Althea

Shannon Dang explained that even with so much going on for her character this season, we can still expect to see Althea become more involved in Nicky's quest to stop Russell Tan. "As Season 2 goes on, we will definitely see more of Althea and [Nicky and Althea's brother] Ryan get in on Nicky's quest," Dang shared. "In Season 1, it was very much Nicky coming back and hiding her powers and her mission and going out on her own, and the rest of the family [was] always stuck in the background ... In Season 2, [now that] everyone is caught in the loop with Nicky and her powers and we're all on the same page, we do get to see the whole entire Shen family ... all in on Nicky's quest and her missions."

Even better, putting Althea and the rest of the major characters on the front lines with Nicky means "Kung Fu" can combine its ongoing mythology and its endearing family stories into a single plotline. "It's really fun because now the audiences get to see the whole family dynamic, plus [Nicky's boyfriend] Henry, plus [Nicky's ex] Evan and Dennis, they're all in on the action," Dang observed. "And for Season 2, it adds a really fun dynamic of everyone all hands on deck. You will see Althea get more in the action."

Althea's journey this season will also take her to places she's never been before. She'll continue to hone her leadership skills as the head of her new company, but the normally vivacious character will also find herself hitting some serious speed bumps. "Viewers are going to have a lot of fun watching Althea's journey as she tries to navigate what it is to be a CEO of a tech company. She will have highs, she will have lows, and the lows are my favorite part," Dang revealed. "She definitely hits rock bottom and you will definitely see, as glamorous and as dressed up as Althea is normally, you could imagine what that would look like in reverse."

The second season of "Kung Fu" airs on The CW on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. New episodes are available on the CW website and app the following day.