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First Trailer For Netflix's Sandman Captures The Spirit Of Neil Gaiman's Seminal Work

"The Sandman" is one of the most beloved comic series of all time. Neil Gaiman's sprawling mythology enchanted the world over with its exploration of different realms and the metaphysical manifestations of various forces and emotions that govern the universe. It's no surprise then that Hollywood has tried to bring Gaiman's work into live-action a few times — to no avail. The most famous failure was Warner Bros.' 2013 attempt to create a film with Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring as the titular Sandman. The project entered development hell and was eventually canceled without ceremony.

Thankfully, Netflix has been tirelessly working on its own "Sandman" TV series, which stars Tom Sturridge as Morpheus aka Dream of the Endless aka the Sandman. The show will adapt the first two chapters of the comics — "Preludes & Nocturnes" and the much meatier "The Doll's House" — both which establish this vast new universe.

Although Netflix has revealed glimpses of the show in a brief teaser and a behind-the-scenes sneak peek, DC fans have been desperate to see what lies ahead. Thankfully the streaming service has finally revealed the stunning first trailer for "Sandman," and it doesn't disappoint.

The first trailer puts Morpheus in the spotlight

Netflix has rewarded fans with the first full look at what to expect from its "Sandman" series. It introduces "Pirate Radio" and "Velvet Buzzsaw" star Tom Sturridge as Morpheus. The British star is surrounded by a truly impressive cast, with the likes of "Game of Thrones" star Gwendoline Christie in the role of Lucifer Morningstar, and Jenna Coleman's Johanna Constantine — ancestor of iconic occult detective John Constantine.

"Harry Potter" alum David Thewlis is also onboard as John Dee — also known as Doctor Destiny — a character comics readers already know to fear. Doctor Destiny is one of the principal antagonists in "Preludes & Nocturnes," a he gets his hands on Morpheus' precious ruby, which he uses to torture a group of customers in a diner for 24 hours, forcing them to engage in various acts of unhinged depravity.

It's not clear just how far Netflix's "Sandman" will lean into the horror side of the original series, but it certainly seems like it's trying to be as faithful as possible. Let's hope so, because this could be something truly special, and fans have been waiting a long time.