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Are Jesse Lee Soffer And Nick Gehlfuss From One Chicago Friends In Real Life?

As any veteran fan of the One Chicago shows "Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Med" can tell you, the Halstead brothers may be siblings, but sometimes it can seem like their last name is the only characteristic they have in common. The truth is, "Chicago P.D." Detective Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) is a cop whose single-minded dedication to police duty is mirrored by his generally steadfast moral compass off-duty as well. Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), on the other hand, has always been the more go-with-the-flow family member who, while highly skilled as a doctor, can sometimes be less than rigorous when it comes to crossing lines both professional and personal.

And as it turns out, thanks to the One Chicago phenomena of crossover events that share characters and story lines between series, it's not out of the question for Detective Jay to drop in on Doctor Will from time to time, often with predictably heated Halstead family issues on display. With these somewhat prickly fictional personas taken into consideration, is there any evidence we can point to that Soffer and Gehlfuss manage to be friends in real life when away from their respective "Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Med" sets?

Jesse Lee Soffer and Nick Gehlfuss appear to get along great in real life

As long-time regulars on their respective One Chicago series, Jesse Lee Soffer and Nick Gehlfuss have spent much of their recent professional lives bumping into each other on the sets and at the various Chi-town locations of their two shows. But rather than familiarity taking a toll on the two, they seem to have actually forged a solid friendship during their downtime away from work.

As documented by Nick Gehlfuss on Instagram, for instance, numerous posts show the two actors spending time together sharing a variety of R&R activities. One of these Instagram shots reveals Gehlfuss with his arm around Soffer's shoulder at a One Chicago Day press event with the caption "Love working with this guy!" and the hashtag #showbros. Another Instagram moment posted by Gehlfuss features Jesse and Nick catching a baseball game at an iconic Chicago stadium, captioned: "My 1st time @ #wrigleyfield with great friends." And a uniquely odd Insta-post shows the pair at Molly's Pub with both men giving the side-eye to the doll Jay is holding, with the explanatory text: "Coming to a theater near you, 2 Men and a Barbie." 

So, if the social media clues are anything to go by, it looks like One Chicago stars Soffer and Gehlfuss can truly be considered friends when hanging out together off the set.