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The Dick Wolf Series Mariska Hargitay Appeared On The Most Outside Of Law & Order: SVU

Producer Dick Wolf is best known as the mastermind of the hit "Law & Order" franchise. However, his legacy of crime procedural dramas doesn't end there. Wolf is also behind the "One Chicago" franchise and the "FBI" franchise, as well as countless other law enforcement dramas.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," the first spin-off of the original series, is arguably the most popular of Wolf's shows. It is led by Mariska Hargitay, who has played detective-turned-Captain Olivia Benson since the show's debut in 1999. Hargitay's compassionate character has earned her critical acclaim, so it's not surprising that Benson has crossed over to other Wolf Entertainment series.

The "SVU" star has appeared in four additional Wolf shows: "Law & Order," "Law & Order: Trial by Jury," "Law & Order: Organized Crime," and "Chicago PD." Hargitay has made the most appearances on this show, and fans couldn't be more excited about it.

Bensler lives on in Organized Crime

Compared to the more than 500 episodes of "SVU" Mariska Hargitay has starred in, it's almost funny that her nine appearances in "Organized Crime" land in second place. The most recent addition to the "Law & Order" franchise follows Benson's former partner Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) as he leaves retirement and returns to the NYPD in the wake of his wife's murder.

Stabler and Benson reunite in "Organized Crime" and resume working together to track down his wife's killers. The duo has been a fan favorite since their introduction in "SVU," with many smitten with their will-they-won't-they relationship. "Law & Order" fans were thrilled when it was announced that Hargitay would be a recurring crossover character for the new series.

So far, she's starred in Seasons 1 and 2 of "Organized Crime." The show hasn't been canceled or renewed for a Season 3 just yet, but if it is, she'll undoubtedly be returning.