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This Chicago Med Duo Will Have Some More 'Explosions' In Season 7

Along with the other series in the "One Chicago" line-up of action-packed procedurals, "Chicago Med" has delivered plenty of edge-of-your-seat excitement each week thus far in its seven-season run on NBC. In that regard, each episode of the top-rated series is certain to administer a serious dose of pulse-elevating challenges for the dedicated staff at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, too. From an intradepartmental scandal over dangerously faulty equipment to the mysterious collapse of an entire surgical team during an operation, the often life-or-death crises faced by the hospital staff on "Chicago Med" are a key element in the show's long-running success with its devoted fanbase. 

But the truth is, it's equally certain that the much-loved and closely followed ensemble of doctors and nurses on this show will also be dealt their own high-stakes crises to navigate on every Wednesday night installment because, as fans know well by now, "Chicago Med" isn't just about what happens in surgery; it's about the people, too. With this in mind, viewers should keep their eye on a particular "Chicago Med" pair because, as one exec recently teased, they are apparently on track to have more relationship "explosions" go off as Season 7 speeds toward a conclusion.

Things are about to get intense for Maggie Lockwood and her daughter

When it comes to emotional roller coaster rides on "Chicago Med," few narrative arcs can match the fireworks potential of characters suddenly confronted with the dynamic of long-simmering familial relationships impinging on their work in this already high-stress hospital environment. Such is the case for "Chicago Med" charge nurse Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) and daughter Vanessa Taylor (Ashja Cooper). And, according to one show exec, this pair is headed for stormy times in the remainder of the show's current season.

As noted by "Chicago Med" executive producer Andrew Schneider at a recent "One Chicago" Day press event, Maggie's decision to invite her long-absent daughter back into her life portends potentially rough weather ahead for both women. As reported by TV Insider, Schneider remarked, "When she [Maggie] went to find Vanessa, she wound up lighting a fuse and she has no idea where that bomb is gonna go off, and there's more explosions to come." So, while the show has any number of relationships that could reasonably be expected to blow up in one way or another, it's the emotional time bomb currently ticking for mother-daughter duo Maggie and Vanessa that's primed to explode at some point in the remaining episodes of "Chicago Med" Season 7.