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Call Me Kat's Season 2 Finale Will Feature A Blossom Mini-Reunion

Though she's garnered a whole new fan-based thanks to her work in "The Big Bang Theory" and hosting "Jeopardy," the star of Fox's "Call Me Kat," neuroscientist and actor Mayim Bialik, is best-known to any '90s kid worth their salt as the eclectically dressed, energetic titular character of NBC's "Blossom." Created by "The Ranch" and "Two and a Half Men" writer Don Reo, the family-friendly series introduced audiences to one of the era's favorite poster boys (Joey Lawrence), was known for its numerous "very special" episodes, and kicked-off a memorable fashion trend known as the "blossom hat." 

The five-season series centered on the Russo family and their attempts to adjust in the wake of their matriarch's unceremonious departure to pursue her own life and career. Bialik's Blossom, Lawrence's Joey, and a third sibling named Anthony (Michael Stoyanov) were children to dad Nick Russo, portrayed by Ted Wass. Nick was somewhat similar to Bob Saget's Danny Tanner on "Full House," in that he suddenly found himself a single father raising a litter of children. Rounding out the series was Jenna von Oÿ's Six LeMeure, Blossom's best friend, whose cool kid name was matched by her equally cool and color block-happy aesthetic.

In a recently-published exclusive, Deadline reports that the Season 2 finale of Bialik's newest series will contain a minor "Blossom" reunion, just as its premiere did when both Lawrence and Stoyanov appeared in the episode. 

Blossom's dad Nick is back! Sort of...

The outlet reports that the May 5 episode will feature none other than Wass himself, who'll slip into the role of Bialik's character's father just as he did from 1990 to 1995. Unlike Blossom's father, however, Kat's father is deceased and will appear only in a dream sequence. The episode will also feature Julia Sweeney as a therapist for whom Kat proves a difficult patient, so it's hard not to wonder if perhaps some unresolved issues will come up between Kat and her ghost father that prompt her to seek Sweeney's help.

For those unfamiliar with Bialik's latest series, "Call me Kat" follows its title character's adventures in small business ownership and finding success in her own right after she opens a "cat cafe" in Louisville, Kentucky. Emmy Award winner Swoosie Kurtz portrays Bialik's mother Sheila, whose over-interest in her daughter's romantic life is a constant source of comedy and tension.

The finale will mark the first time the TV daughter-and-dad and duo will appear as such since the series finale of "Blossom" (titled "Goodbye") aired on May 22, 1995 — roughly 27 years before this, dare we say, "very special" reunion.