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We Finally Have Our First Look At Fear The Walking Dead: Dead In The Water

Although the mainline "Walking Dead" series is ending later this year, the "Walking Dead" franchise is far from over. In fact, so many "Walking Dead" spinoffs are currently in the works that a number of fans have recounted feeling a sort of spinoff fatigue.

As "The Walking Dead" continues to flesh out its universe with shows like the Maggie and Negan-focused "Isle of the Dead," the oldest and longest spinoff remains "Fear The Walking Dead." Since its premiere in 2015, "Fear the Walking Dead" has aired for seven seasons in total, and an eighth season is currently on its way.

Now, the story told by "Fear the Walking Dead" is about to get a even bigger, as AMC recently revealed that it's releasing a miniseries, exclusive to its AMC+ app, titled "Fear The Walking Dead: Dead in the Water." While it was previously announced that the show will serve as a prequel to the events of "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 6, the first ever footage of the series just surfaced online in advance of its release later this month.

Fans get their first look at Riley in Fear The Walking Dead: Dead in the Water

On April 7, a "Walking Dead" fan account on Twitter with the handle @TWalkingDWorld shared a short video clip containing the first footage of the upcoming "Fear The Walking Dead: Dead in the Water" series in action. In a follow-up Tweet, they revealed that they found the clip within a sizzle reel on a webpage for AMC's branded content initiative, which they refer to as the Content Room.

In the new clip, weapons officer Riley (Nick Stahl) fends off an attacking zombie by slamming it onto some sort of control panel, presumably located somewhere within the submarine in which the series takes place. Those familiar with "Fear the Walking Dead" should remember Riley for his involvement in the cult that served as the primary antagonistic group on the show's sixth season. "Dead in the Water" will take place chronologically prior to the events of "Fear the Walking Dead," so the version of Riley featured in this clip has yet to meet the "Fear" crew.

Fans can tune in to Riley's pre-"Fear the Walking Dead" adventures themselves when "Dead in the Water" premieres on the AMC+ app on April 10.