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The Better Call Saul Villain Fans Want To See Featured More

Since making its AMC debut in 2015, "Better Call Saul" has transformed itself from the unexpected "Breaking Bad" spin-off that could into a dramatic force of nature that some argue is even better than its legendary predecessor. As the slow-burning series forges ahead towards what will surely be a finale as bloody as it is emotionally bruising, the moral grey areas that have mostly kept Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) just this side of proper villainy will only continue to erode. 

As it is, with things headed the way they are for Jimmy, Kim (Rhea Seehorn), and pretty much anyone in their orbit, it's getting harder and harder to find a character in "Better Call Saul" who hasn't played the part of villain, at least in some respect. Of course, watching its rogues' gallery of baddies at work is a big part of what makes "Better Call Saul" such a sweaty-palmed treat to watch. It seems, however, of all the villains currently decorating the series' sunbaked landscape, there's one big bad that "Better Call Saul" fans apparently cannot get enough of. Here's the series villain they want to see featured more in the series' final season.   

Better Call Saul fans really want to see more of Lalo Salamanca

Said villain is the charming, yet infamously hot-headed Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton), who was front and center during a recent Reddit thread that opened with user u/Saltyredditor98 posting, "I wish we had more Lalo in the show! He is such an amazing villain and imo the 'worst' and scariest Salamanca." 

If the ensuing comments are a true reflection of the character's popularity, u/Saltyredditor98 is not the only fan who wants to see more of Lalo in the final season. Another fan chose Lalo as the worst of the feared Salamanca crew because of his frightening ability to stay cheerful while performing nightmarish actions. Meanwhile, u/kolos182 promptly agreed, offering that Lalo's hot head, fierce intelligence, and boundless charisma are a truly scary mix: "He is definitely the most dangerous Salamanca. He is the most intelligent and he's also has one trait that other Salamanca's don't — charisma." Another user also agreed, writing that, "He's by far the most charming and charismatic, which imo is what makes him the scariest. LOVE Lalo." 

The character's fear-inducing duality is precisely why "Better Call Saul" fans adore him so. As evinced by one post from a mystery user claiming, "Lalo was the shot in the arm the show needed during an aimless and meandering season 4. Wish they had introduced him earlier in the season..." some fans even believe Lalo's Season 4 entry actually saved the series. With things going the way they are on "Better Call Saul," fans on Team Lalo will likely have their wish granted, as he's poised to be a major player moving forward. And yes, we should probably pity anyone who gets in his way.