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Why Jack From Hawkeye Looks So Familiar

One of the reasons why the newest Disney+ series, "Hawkeye," works so well is due to the chemistry between the titular Avenger and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). They play off one another so well, with Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) being a hardened warrior while Kate's still learning the ropes to this whole superhero thing. On top of that, Kate's still trying to balance being a regular twentysomething with all of the responsibilities that entails.

Outside of stopping gangsters, one of the biggest problems Kate has to deal with in the series is her mother, Eleanor (Vera Farmiga), seeing a new guy, namely Jack Duquesne (Tony Dalton). You weren't alone if you thought Jack looked a bit familiar. He's acted for decades now in lesser-known programming, but he's appeared in some major television series as of late, most general audiences may have seen. Here are some of Tony Dalton's major credits of the last few years.

Tony Dalton became a Netflix fixture on Sense8

Tony Dalton has appeared in projects since the late 1990s, almost all of which are Spanish-language properties. He began to make a foray into English fare with 2011's "Colombiana" with a small yet noteworthy role. However, most audiences likely first remember seeing him when he landed the role of Lito's agent in Netflix's "Sense8." He was first introduced in the Season 2 special episode "Happy F***ing New Year" before being seen again in "Obligate Mutualisms" and "I Have No Room in My Heart for Hate."

As expected, the agent deals almost exclusively with Lito (Miguel Silvestre), who goes through the wringer in Season 2 when his sexuality is threatened to be made public. When it does finally get out to the world, his career suffers as a result. It's a minor role, but one that adequately demonstrated Dalton's capabilities as a performer, and for his next major part, he got to show just what a terrifying villain he could be.

Tony Dalton made Lalo Salamanca terrifying on Better Call Saul

After Dalton's time on "Sense8" came to an end, he had a chance to prove he could be a downright villain. In a role that inevitably played a part in him landing Jack in "Hawkeye," Dalton continues to kill it as Lalo Salamanca on "Better Call Saul." Expectations may have been dampened upon news of a "Breaking Bad" spinoff, but it soon became clear this wasn't just going to be another prequel. It accomplished this by focusing on characters only mentioned by name in "Breaking Bad" but weren't actually seen, like Lalo.

Dalton had a lot of room to play with, especially considering the duality of Lalo. In an interview with Screen Rant, the actor stated, "The fact that Lalo is so charming, and a little bit smiley and kind of elegant in a certain way, kind of makes it so that he's a little scarier because you don't know where he's coming from." You could say the same thing about Jack on "Hawkeye." He seems pleasant enough despite trying to take on the role of a father to Kate Bishop, but it's clear there's something dark lurking beneath the surface. It remains to be seen just how dark the character can become, so continue tuning into new episodes of "Hawkeye" on Disney+ to see what transpires with this new MCU addition.