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The Ending Of Attack On Titan's Final Season Part 2 Explained

Part 2 of the Final Season of "Attack on Titan" is finally over, and it definitely ended on a tense note.

After years of watching Eren and his friends struggle against the threat of Titans, the corrupt leaders of their government, and finally the humans outside of the wall, we are finally on the cusp of seeing how everything will play out in the upcoming final part of the final season. Eren, now in control of the Wall Titans, is hell-bent on annihilating the world outside of the walls while others just want to broker peace through some means, though they all have conflicting ideas on how best to do it. Whether or not either of these plans come to fruition remains to be seen.

For now, the only thing we can do is dwell on the events of Part 2. Though there are still many unanswered questions in the series, Part 2 tells us a lot of interesting things about the characters and the world of "Attack on Titan." It also gives us clues as to how the end of the series might play out. In particular, the ending of Part 2 sets a grim tone for the future, leading us to question whether or not this story will have a happy ending.

Is Eren rightfully vengeful or just obsessed?

At the end of Part 2 of "Attack on Titan's" final season, it seems as though Eren holds all the cards. With his army of Wall Titans, he is well on his way towards smashing the entire world. The young boy we watched grow up with the dream of defeating the Titans is gone — or is he?

The entire reason Eren originally wanted to destroy the Titans is because they destroyed his home town and killed most of the people he grew up with, including his mother. His quest has always been one of revenge so that the people he cares most about could live in peace. That's still pretty much what Eren is trying to do, and he has said so himself. He may be in charge of the Titans now instead of trying to kill them, but the real people who ruined his childhood — the Marleyans and the people of the world who view Eldians as devils — are still in his crosshairs.

The only problem is that his quest for vengeance might be taking things too far. While there are still plenty of Jaegerists around to support him in his cause, most of Eren's closest allies over the years have either turned on him or are uncertain where they stand. Eren's plan for revenge seems more like obsession past the point of reason. Even worse, he may be past the point of no return.

Is it even possible to stop Eren?

The problem with obsession is that once somebody finds themselves within its grasp, it can be impossible to free them. Just like the beastly Zeke with his plan to sterilize Eldians, Eren might never be convinced to let go of his crusade against the world. So if Eren cannot be dissuaded with diplomacy, then those who stand against him will need to turn to more violent means to achieve their goals. In other words, assassinating Eren might be their best method of stopping him.

But in the end, that may not be possible either. Eren is a tough guy, and he's survived attempts on his life before. Even strong warriors like Mikasa and Levi (who, as far as we know, is out of commission), as well as the other Titan Shifters, could have trouble stopping him with his army of Titans. So if Eren can't be killed and can't be convinced to end the Rumble, both the major characters of the series and the audience may end up watching helplessly as Eren reduces the world to dust.