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The Attack On Titan Mikasa Moment That Means More Than You Think

For the past few years, the world of anime has been dominated by "Attack on Titan," but it's quickly coming to its zenith. The second half of the fourth and final season is currently underway, and the show's not showing any dips in quality so far. In fact, the show has done an exceptional job of paying off many of the plot points and character arcs that have been teased since 2013.

One of these has to do with the character of Mikasa, whose been around since the very first episode. As fans know all too well, especially those who read the manga, Mikasa's scarf holds special significance for the character. It was given to her by Eren after he rescued her from kidnappers, forcing her to kill one of them herself and embrace her true self. After she's adopted into a more loving family, Eren wrapped the red scarf around Mikasa to symbolize her finally finding a place where she's accepted for who she is. 

However, fans could argue that the scarf came to symbolize something else over time. It may have started as a connection Mikasa had with Eren, but it evolved (or devolved depending on how you look at it) to show how she was connected to him through subordination and that everything she did was in line with what he would want. It makes her removal of the scarf in the latest episode all the more significant as she's casting off Eren's shackles and finally acting in whatever way she would like. Fans have taken to social media to voice how much they adore the moment. 

Fans were hit hard by Mikasa's big moment

Mikasa abandoning the scarf wasn't just any moment. It was a sign that her and Eren's partnership, which has grown substantially over the years, might be coming to an end. And even if she doesn't get rid of Eren completely, their dynamic has irrevocably changed. It's the kind of development to be expected for the final season of a massive TV series, and it sets up a lot to happen in the final remaining episodes.

On a massive "Attack on Titan" Reddit thread, fans have chimed in with their thoughts, and they're overwhelmingly positive. One person, u/onigiri_dorkk, rejoiced at the moment: "Mikasa leaving her scarf behind makes me so happy." Under that comment, you have u/SpicaGenovese echoing that point: "Right?! I was like YES, girl! Live for yourself for once!" Redditor u/Nazenn spoke about how emotional the scene made them, "Mikasa leaving her scarf hit me really hard unexpectedly, that's something I thought would never happen. It seems so wrong for her to be without it and during that later scene on the roof I almost didn't think she was there, but I think more than that it hurts to know she doesn't believe Armin and is really willing to give Eren up because she doesn't trust him or herself [anymore]."

Leaving behind a piece of clothing may not mean much on most shows, but "Attack on Titan" isn't like most shows. Fans have overanalyzed the moment in great detail and have hypothesized what it could mean going forward. Later in the thread, u/Pancake__Prince wrote, "I don't think she's indifferent or 'over Eren.' The squad and her clearly still care about and believe in Eren. I feel like she's just slightly distancing herself a bit from her feelings towards Eren by removing the scarf." Season 4, Part 2 of "Attack on Titan" is just getting started, so keep watching to see how Mikasa's relationship with Eren and the others continues to develop.