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Why Attack On Titan's Wall Titans Have Fans Scratching Their Heads

To say the least, the final part of "Attack on Titan" has been hectic and crazy. Aside from the fact that yet another final season has been announced for the popular anime series, this time presumably to finish it off for good (via GamesRadar), the events of the story itself have been equally wild. Far from being the most morally sound protagonist around, "Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2" sees Eren Yeager assuming control of the titans that make up the walls via the Founding Titan. He then directs them away from Paradis to be used against their enemies outside of the island.

But while characters in the show were all busy deciding amongst themselves whether or not to accept Eren's bloody crusade, fans were all scratching their heads over the presence of the Wall Titans. Because while the Wall Titans generally make sense, they do draw some serious questions when you get down to the nitty-gritty details of the matter.

Fans can't tell how similar the Wall Titans are to the Colossal Titan

While Eren's Wall Titans do a great job at selling the massive scale, importance, and horror of Eren's decisions during these crucial episodes, their appearance has actually confused some fans. On Reddit, some fans have observed that because the Wall Titans all look exactly like the Colossal Titan (one of the Titan shifter powers currently wielded by Armin), fans aren't sure just how similar the two are. In particular, fans want to know if the Wall Titans can perform the Colossal Titan's trademark explosion ability, and whether or not Eren can regenerate them.

"I'm really confused about those wall titans," wrote u/Montezumawazzap. "They are the same one Armin controls right? So they can burst out heat but they need to consume their muscles in order to do that. So, how come they go underwater to the mainland while swimming and producing that much heat? Does Eren regenerate them or something?"

Unfortunately, these are all questions fans haven't received any answers to. As best as anyone can tell, either Eren does in fact regenerate them, or the fact that they are their own special kind of Titan indicates that they have regenerative abilities beyond the Colossal Titan. Either way, it's a question that fans will have to overlook for the time being — at least until Part 3 of the Final Season is finally released.