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Fast And Furious Fans Just Got Exciting Villain News

"Fast and Furious" continues to be the franchise that keeps on giving. One of the longest-running modern franchises in Hollywood, the series first started off in 2001 with street racing thriller "The Fast and the Furious." However, it didn't embrace superhero-like action until 2011's "Fast Five." The franchise has become a juggernaut over the last decade, roping in impressive box office receipts and even more impressive stars.

Stars like John Cena, Jason Statham, and Charlize Theron have joined the Universal franchise in recent years as villains to take down Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his ever-expanding "family." The most recent actor who has been brought in to show Toretto and his clan whose boss is "Aquaman" star Jason Momoa.

Momoa was brought on board earlier this year to star in the currently untitled tenth film in the franchise. Info has mostly been slim on his character but the star recently revealed a key detail that hints at a major plot point for the upcoming sequel.

Jason Momoa will join Charlize Theron's Cipher

Charlize Theron first joined the franchise in 2017's "The Fate of the Furious," which saw her playing a rogue hacker named Cipher who ropes in Dom to carry out a mission. Theron later returned in 2021's "F9," continuing her arc as the nefarious terrorist. Now, the star is set to return for the upcoming tenth film, making her one of the most important villains in the franchise to date. And by the looks of it, she appears to have a partner for her latest scheme.

In a recent interview with ET Online, Jason Momoa revealed that he'll be shooting scenes with Theron's Cipher, implying that the two villains will cross paths at some point in the "Fast and Furious" sequel. "I get to shoot with some really cool people that I have never — I get to work with Charlize [Theron] first up, which I'm really excited about," Momoa revealed to the outlet. "She's amazing."

Momoa also revealed that he'll be shooting scenes with Diesel and that he believes his villain is misunderstood. Precedent has suggested that even the most irredeemable villains like Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) can eventually join Dom's family, so we'll just have to wait and see how bad the "Dune" star's villain can be.

It will be interesting to see how Momoa and Theron's villains mesh together, as Cipher's previous plan with Jakob Toretto (John Cena) in "F9" was essentially a disaster that brought the team closer together (and to space!).