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Jason Momoa Confirms What We Suspected About His Fast And Furious 10 Role

Jason Momoa has been both King of the Sea and King of the Grass Sea with his roles in DC's "Aquaman" and HBO's "Game of Thrones." Alternating between a rogueish and carefree loner in the DC Universe, and a brutal warlord in "Game of Thrones," Momoa is popular for his rugged looks, his sense of humor, and the ability to project power — whether it be as a reluctant character that was cast into a war between two worlds, or a reckless warrior who responds to criticisms with savage acts of violence.

The "Fast and Furious" franchise has been a runaway success, known for its famous group of car aficionados that live fast and loose, and often get into escapades that involve tremendous feats of automobile acumen and intense special effects. There are currently 10 movies in the main franchise, with one spin-off, and they have earned an impressive $6.6 billion across all films (via The Numbers). 

Now, Momoa will be joining this hit franchise with "Fast & Furious 10" (via IndieWire). What kind of role can we expect from the herculean actor?

Jason Momoa says that he is playing the villain in Fast & Furious 10 and that the role is a lot of fun

While walking the Red Carpet in support of his step daughter, Zoe Kravitz, at the premier of "The Batman," Momoa was asked about his upcoming role in the "Fast & Furious" franchise by ET Online, to which the famous actor replied, "I'm gonna go do Fast 10, that's gonna be fun...it's fun, I get to play the bad guy, which I haven't gotten to do for a while."

Momoa didn't stop there, though, offering some tiny details about what kind of villain he'll be playing. "Now, I get to be the bad boy," Momoa said. "A very flamboyant bad boy." 

At this point, not much else is known about the character Momoa is playing, but it definitely sounds very different than his previous roles in projects like "Dune" and "Braven."

Thus far, the villains of the "Fast & Furious" movies have been a drug lord played by Cole Hauser, the Yakuza, a contraband kingpin played by John Ortiz, a corrupt businessman played by Joaquim de Almedia, a skilled mercenary group, an assassin, and a cyberterrorist played by Charlize Theron. The series has run the gamut of antagonists, so it will be interesting to see what role is in store for the former Khal Drogo actor, and how the original members of the franchise react to this new — and by Momoa's estimation, potentially over the top — bad guy.