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Here's One Way Ms. Marvel Will Be Different From Any Other MCU Project

The MCU set the standard for bringing comic books to life. Their next release on the docket, "Ms. Marvel," will blaze a trail in multiple ways — one of them being its rating.

"Ms. Marvel" follows teenager Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a New Jersey girl with a healthy dose of superhero obsession. Her life changes when she develops her own superpowers and takes on a name honoring her favorite superhero, Captain Marvel. In the comics, her powers parallel characters like Mr. Fantastic's extending of limbs, shape-shifting, and altering her appearance. Kamala's introduction also suggests significant changes to the MCU, with the ever-evolving roster of characters added to Phase Four.

While the series looks to further confirm the feelings of an inevitable Young Avengers series with characters like Ms. Marvel, Kate Bishop's (Hailee Steinfeld) Hawkeye, and Cassie Lang's (Kathryn Newton) Stature, it will also cut new ground in more than one way. Not only is Vellani bringing Khan to life for the first Muslim superhero to ever get their own show (per VOA), but she will do so with a rating never before seen in the MCU.

It's the first MCU project with a PG rating

Per the landing page for the series itself on Disney+, "Ms. Marvel" will carry a rating of TV-PG, meaning it is appropriate for all audiences. This is a departure from their standard approach of making films and series in the PG-13 or even the TV-14 categories.

It seems only yesterday that the more brutal and adult-aimed Netflix series taking place in the MCU came to the streaming giant, bringing with them questions regarding how Disney would approach the mature ratings. With the company holding a reputation for producing family-friendly content, adding graphic shows like "The Punisher" or even shows with sex scenes like "Jessica Jones" signaled a deviation from that path. With the first episode of "Moon Knight" seeming to double down on that angle with a more brutal and violent feel than many other Disney+ shows, it is easy to feel that the family-friendly label was quickly becoming a thing of the past.

With "Ms. Marvel" set to expand the content in the opposite direction, audiences can rest assured that Disney+ is still committed to the "all audiences" approach of the past. Thankfully, Kamala Kahn is sure to be a hero that young people can look up to for years to come.